Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Hey everyone! Merry Christmas! I hope you had a great day because I sure did. (Sorry that I didn't post this earlier. I scheduled it to but it didn't really work...) You've heard of a "White Christmas" right? Well this year, there was no "White Christmas" for me which is rare considering that I normally have snow at this time of year.

I bet you are wondering about what I got this year. Well, for starters, I got tons of things from my friends, which most are candy. (Marissa, I'm loving those fuzzy socks!!! xD) Then we have tons of treats from our wonderful neighbors. Hopefully I don't eat too many! Then it was time for the real fun to begin. I got a mini pillow that was hand-made from Hannah which I love. ♥ Then I got 2 things that don't really fit for my style and a jacket from one of my aunt and uncle that's too small. I guess this year wasn't really my style. Oh well.

To keep the holiday season alive, here's a cute video of what Christmas is really about. Enjoy!
Happy Holidays! Until then...
Merry Christmas to all! or Holidays! I hope you all had Amazing Gifts! I got a Mac and Harry Potter stuff, So I had a good Holiday Season! And my friend back in England (Im from England) Birthday is Tomorrow! So im gonna call her! and my other friend Ronnie Westly B-day is Today! So Ronnie and Clarice have a Happy Birthday!!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Book Review #6: Flipped

I just recently finished the book, Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen. I really loved it even though I already knew most of the story. It's a story about love, forgiveness, and friendship. Who knew what a tree, chicken eggs, a yard, and baskets could do to Juli Baker and Bryce Lowski?

This is a perfect book for teens or matured kids that like conflict and real-life situations. It's a "He said, She said," type of book so that means that the narrator is different for each chapter. I really liked that style because it give a point of view for both Juli and Bryce.

Juli Baker... a girl that has lived in the neighborhood since she was born. When she first saw Bryce, she just Flipped. "It was something about those eyes," those blue eyes. Someday, she'd hope for that first kiss with Bryce Lowski.

Bryce... a boy that moved in and a girl already started liking him. Juli would not leave him alone! After years of avoiding her, it was time to take action. Then, they both flip... what could've caused Juli Baker to stop the chase and for Bryce to start it? Read the book to find out!

In 2010, a movie was made that was based off of this novel. So, I found out about the movie before the book but suprisingly, it was really similar which I liked since many novel based movies get the story incorrect. (Percy Jackson would be an example...) I really enjoyed the movie as much as the book! For more information about the movie, visit this link.

Happy Reading! I hope you "Flipped" for this book and movie just like I did!

Liany's B-day Party

Yesterday, a good friend of mine, Liany B., had a 14th birthday party! She is an amazing person with awesome fashion taste. ;-)

The birthday party was a blast. It was an "all girls" party and to start it off, there was an introduction because some of people were from Liany's old school, ward (church), or from my school. All the intros were interesting in a different way and we all got along. Then we played Family Feud/Jeopardy and the theme was HARRY POTTER. Once I heard that, I knew that I was going to fail, because I never even seen any of the movies or touched one of the books. (HP Fan, I know I'm killing you right now...) Luckily, my friend, Emmalee, is a Harry Potter fan (not the one we have here) so I was safe half the time. We were arguing what her "Professor" name should've been...

We never really finished the game due to interruptions but it was fun while it lasted! Then it was time to eat. There were about 23 girls invited and since their kitchen was kinda small, it was hard for everyone to find a place to eat. After that, it was time to open presents! Her dad was "trying" not to be annoying about taking pictures but when you see your child with so many friends, it's hard to resist. We spent about one to one and half hour opening presents and taking pictures. It was fun to see all the excitement though.

A couple of my schoolmates and I went up to Liany's room to check it out and I LOVED it. The color was a light seagreen blue and it had matching furniture. Then, she had 3 Harry Potter posters hanging on her wall. Then it was time to eat cupcakes (red velvet, my favorite!). I said that she had to make a wish but her wis already came true. She wanted her friends to celebrate her friends to celebrate her birthday with her. Time went by so fast that it was time for the party to end. :-( I met lots of people and had lots of fun though!

Happy 14th Birthday Liany! Luv you! ♥

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Parent's Anniversary

Yesterday was our parent's 14th anniversary! I felt kinda bad that I didn't have a gift ready but I guess it's because they hardly talk about it. Well, 14 successful years. It' amazing. :)

Well, just wanted to share that! Happy Anniversary mom and dad!


Monday, December 19, 2011

Introducing HP Fan!

Hey! I'm Petpets new Author i'll go by the Name HP fan (Which Stands for 'Harry Potter' I'm a TOTAL fanatic!) If would like to ask me a question plz do it in Comments! i'll get back to you ASAP! Hope y'all will like me!

~HP fan! :)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Worst Winter Concert of the Year!

It's that time of year again. The time for present, joy, and Christmas music. Well, I had 3 different winter concerts this year and they are all right next to each other! Monday, the 12th, was the middle school one which I was playing for most of it. Tuesday was K-3rd grade and Wednesday was 4-6th. Talk about crazy. Well, the one that I'm going to talk about is Monday, the middle school one.

This year, all of our music schedules have been CRAZY. Our first concert of the year got moved so that meant more time for "Phantom" but not enough time for Christmas. We didn't have enough time to practice so, all of our playing sucked. For this concert, we tried a new arrangement so that everyone could hear their child. The goal was met but... there were some problems.
It took forever just to set up everything and everyone had to stay after school just to help set up and we still didn't finish in time. So 2 hours of setting up and we still weren't done. I guess it was because some people weren't productive. We have different lanes for where the audience can walk to get their seats. Everyone worked hard on them and... they weren't even used. :( That was disaster #1.

Disaster #2... the music. Everyone was unprepared, including yours truly. We just didn't have enough time to practice all the songs. Plus, with all the setting up, we didn't have time to run through the whole concert like planned. Our songs were good but it was just how we played. For our big finale, everyone was off and lost. What a disaster!

After our concert, we are supposed to stay and help clean up. The problem was, not many people stayed to help and I was one of the not helpers. The next day, my teacher got super mad for us not staying to help clean up. I guess that was because all of us were at the school for almost 12 hours straight and wanted to get out but it still wasn't fair. Our consequence for that was cleaning for a whole class. It was dirty work but it was kinda fun... It wasn't worth seeing my teacher swearing a couple of words and giving us a lecture though.

My music teacher had a Christmas miracle that day. She was driving to school. It was a pretty nasty day. I'm not sure what happened but she almost got ran over by a semi-truck and then while she was driving, her tire completely got shredded into pieces. Normally, you'd lose control of the car but she pulled to the side in time. One of choir's song, Angels Among Us, was talking about how angels are protecting us. That morning's incident was either pure luck or an angel was helping her. What do you think?

So, I spent 12 hours at school for a concert and normal stuff. It was just a really stressful thing. Then, after that, I still had a load of homework to do. I hope you had a better winter concert than I did! If you had something horrible, post it on your blog and leave a comment about it! I'd love to hear some stories!

Music 4ever!

Friday, December 2, 2011

1, 2, Cha-cha-cha!

Hey everyone. I am so sorry for not posting in my room. I'm a busy person.

Anyways, Happy December! It's that wonderful time of year again. I know this is kinda religious but I celebrate Christmas even if I'm not Christan. That's because I just like the holiday and it's hard to resist not talking about it when everyone is. We've got all of our Christmas decorations up now and I love it! :)

For those of you that don't know, I'm not a dancer. I have the flexibility and ability become one but I just choose not to. My last class of the day, Physical Education, is very big. We have about 28+ students in our class and it's really hard to keep everyone under control. According to my gym (P.E.) teacher, many of us "dance" during class instead of playing the game so, we are doing a dance unit. Yesterday was my second class doing dance and of course, we had to do cha-cha.

One of my friends had to teach the whole class how to do it. We all got paired up and I tell you, most of us were not excited with our partners! (If was just a bit taller, I might have been with someone I liked...) I got paired up with a guy who did ballroom before and I would never have thought that he was a dancer. The dance is actually pretty basic and kinda fun. This was my first time learning and not to brag but my partner and I did the best out of everyone. :P Maybe I'm not a dancer but I'm definitely a natural learner!

You should totally try the Cha-cha someday. It's really fun and it's a workout. Don't worry if you can't dance because you will after some practice! Well, see you around the room!

♥ Petpet

P.S. Speaking of P.E., I have tons of friends and one of my best friends made up a thing. Her favorite word of the day was "Really." "Really?.... Really?.... Omigosh! Really?!" That was our thing for the beginning of class. Next time, try that with one of your friends when they make a comment!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Christmas is coming!

Today the 24th of november we decided to set up our decorations for Christmas, including the tree (Today is also Thanksgiving ). So these are some of our (a.k.a our as in Petpet and me) FAVORITE ordaments!!

MY FAVE! Minnies!! Which one would be your favorate??

minnie baby, minnie, or my fave bear??

~♥Shiny sun. Hannah bunny♥~

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Hey everyone. This is just a test to see if Xat chat works here so that way, we can always chat here in the room! If it doesn't work, please comment so I know. Remember, this is just a test to see how it works out!

Get your own Chat Box! Go Large!

If that doesn't work, try this one:

[ Copy this | Start New | Full Size ]

Get your own chat on!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Book Review #5: Serpent Tide

I've read this book awhile ago but never got the chance to review it yet! Well, here it is!

Serpent Tide is definitely one of my absolute favorites! It's a huge adventure. It's mainly about a boy... oh! I shouldn't spoil it. Well, this book has mostly adventure, mystery, and romance. Who knew what could happen to one of the richest boys in the world?

The main character is Wesley. His mother is very rich and very protective of Wesley, but all he ever wants is to have an adventure and be just like his role model, The Snake Stalker. One day, he finds something that could change his life forever.

This book is recommended for mostly teens or those that can handle romance and violence. The author, K.L. Fogg is an amazing writer! She knows so much about snakes and has a huge imagination. I don't know how she could write books like that but I loved it! If you want to know more about the book, you can visit her website:

Hope you like it!

Snow, candy, and cookies!

Happy November everyone! Sorry that I have not been posting. It's always school work and music that interferes with my blogging. Today was the first snow day of the winter! I'm not too ecstatic but it's pretty.

First off, I went trick-or-treating on Monday, 31st! It was really fun and this year, we actually got to go for an hour since the weather wasn't that bad. (Last year it was raining.) I got a lot of candy and I still have tons to eat now. We hitted about 50-ish houses and got 94 candies. Hope I don't get a sugar rush!!

If you didn't know, I will be going to the music festival in Anaheim, California in March. It's going to be a blast but each one of us has to earn $550! That's a whole lot of money to raise so we are doing HUGE fundraisers. We are selling some CDs and DVDs for our concerts and it' been pretty stressing. Well, today, we did a "yard sale." I wanted to help so I had to wake-up early and go to school on a Saturday. It was still snowing at that time... but it's didn't bother me. Most of the time, I had to stand outside and hold signs up about the yard sale. It was really fun... and we probably got like, 30 customers! I don't know how much money we raised though....

Math.... I normally don't like it but on Friday (yesterday) I had to go to a friend's house to film a video about how to solve a math problem. It took 4 hours to do but it was really fun! We even got to make cookies! (Now my profile on a certain forum is all cookie-fied!....I don't know if that's a word.)

P.S. I'll be starting a "word of the week" really soon! It's good to expand your vocabulary!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hunting for Costumes!

Halloween is just around the corner and I finally got a Halloween costume. We went to Halloween City to find one and after searching through most of the store, we found one that's perfect for me and, it was on sale! Well, you might be wondering what I'm going to be. Well, I'm going to be a pirate!

I tried on my costume and guess what? I actually look like a "scallywag"! Who knew that a person like me could be one of the greatest robbers of the sea?!

Arrgh! I'm a pirate y'all! (Quoted from Wordgirl's episode of Captain Tangent.)
So, what are you going to be for the spookiest night of the year?

Friday, October 21, 2011

Penguins go trick-or-treating!!

Halloween is coming just right around the corner and it seems like online worlds are getting ready for the spooky holiday of the year! Well, I'm going to feature something for Club Penguin! Introducing, DJ Danceclub103's adventures!
I think you remember her from the Adventure Quest. Well, she is now going to be part of the room when Club Penguin has a fun little party (I love the parties and they are way fun.) Alright! Let's start the Halloween Party penguins!!

This year, Club Penguin went ALL out with decorating. Almost every single room has been decorated and it's so spooky! I always love to have some snapshots of my time in the party so here's some. (Click the picture if you can't see it well.)

That was a shocker!

There will always be a party with DJ Danclub!

Pumpkin Picking at the dock

Yikes! Unexpcted!

Trick-or-treating at the snow forts!!
I had so much fun once again! If you can tell, some of the pictures have ghosts. You can pick one up at the haunted house and it's for everyone! (Go to Forest and it will lead you to the Haunted house.) Then, don't miss the scavenger hunt! Find the candy ghosts and get a prize! Also, don't forget to watch the "Night of the Living Sled."

Alright, Waddle on Penguins!
*DJ Danceclub103*

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Book Review #4: I So Don't Do Famous

I apologize for not doing book reviews for such a long time. School comes before reading. -.-

Well, I finished I So Don't Do Famous by Barrie Summy. To be honest, I really enjoyed this book. It is about moderate length and it's perfect for teens (especially girls!)

What do you if you write an essay to win a trip to Hollywood and found out that a crime was there and you might have help cause it?! Well, that's what Sherry (Sherlock) did. The book is full of drama, mystery, true love, stars, and ghosts.

The story takes place in, where else? HOLLYWOOD! Barrie Summy gave an amazing description of where to go and things around there. So, read the book to help you plan out some stuff to do while your in Hollywood! If you never been to Hollywood, this book will take you there for free!

This is Barrie Summy's 4th book in her I don't do series. This was actually my first book ever that I read from Ms. Summy and I really enjoyed it! Next time I'm going to the library, definitely picking up her other books! You can learn more about Barrie Summy at her website: (Hey, she has a blogger too! It looks better then mine. Maybe giving some pointers??)

Well, happy reading!!

Do you like to read? Would you like to be part of Petpet's Room?? Well, I am now accepting writers!! I know the whole point in "Petpet's Room" is that it's my personal use but sometimes, a girl just has to share her room. It's hard to keep up with school work and a blog so I'll be needing some help.

What can you do?
~Book Reviews
~Holidays coming up
~Things that may seem interesting to viewers
~Movies and Shows
~Anything else that is approved by me!!

Interested?? Leave a comment below on why you'd like to become a writer on my blog and also leave your e-mail!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

"I have no brain!"

Okay, the title does not involve me (I have a brain and it's a smart one!) I just wanted to tell you a bit about my life at school. Well... here it goes......

On Thursday, it was a very tiring day because I didn't get enough sleep and the day was just dragging. Well, 3rd period, English, made my gloomy day!!

My English teacher is normally fun and normally not free-going. Well, that Thursday, she was. My friend and I didn't know what happened. When we got into the classroom, she was full of energy. She wasn't like that when we dropped off our bags so I don't know what happened. I think it was either the stress or something she ate made her like this.

Well, since our class is small and pretty good, we don't have a lot of trouble, but more fun. Well, a guy in my class happened to have a plastic brain to school and some other boys were playing around with it. Here's kinda how that class period went:

During the beginning of class
Caden: Hey can I see that? *takes the brain*

Josh: Hey! Give me my brain back!

Cadnen: Cody! Catch! *throws the brain to Cody*

During correcting assignments
Cody throws brain to Jacob

Josh: Give me my brain back!

(Lots more goes on after this but I wasn't paying attention.)

Josh: Caden! Give me my brain back!

Caden: I have no brain!

*Class laughs (including me)*

Caden throws brain to Cody.

Teacher: Okay. Give that to me. *looks at brain* Haha! I get it. I thought you guys were joking around with the "brain." *hands toy brain back to Josh*

That was really funny because it seemed as if Caden really didn't have a brain! The class was really fun but there was a lot more to laugh about. I just can't share it due to space. I just wanted to share that story to you and it made me think zombies.


Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Sympathy: When you feel pain for someone and go into their steps
That's what I had the entire day; sympthy. My friend came to school late to science today. I didn't really know why until math class. It seemed that, her dog died today. How? Well, when they were backing out of the driveway to go to school, bang.

She cried everytime someone asked about it. I felt so bad for asking but I had to know what was going on because she's normally not that depressed. That's why I was her "storyteller" when people asked. I never had a pet (unless you count a week year old goldfish as one)  so I don't know how it feels to have one gone.

Let's all give sympathy for this dog that died over a little accident. I'm sorry for you Brittney. We all are. I don't know your dog's name but to this day, this is the day a lost was made.

♥ Very Caring, Petpet

Monday, September 26, 2011

Time for a new look!

Hey everyone! It's finally autumn (or spring for you in southern hemisphere.) As seasons change, so do your outfits! So, now I need to change my look. I have 2 outfits but I don't know with one to use. Here they are:


Which one do you like more? Take a vote on the poll to help me decide!


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Little About Me

I noticed that most people that look at my blog don't know much about me. Well, sure there's my biography but that's kinda hard to do with such little room. I guess I can just post it here then.....

Petpet's List of Random Things about her:
1. I'm Asian. My parents were born in Vietnam but some of my ancestors are from China. I think some of the really old ones even ruled China!! =DKlik hier voor meer gratis plaatjes
2. I'm too quite. If you are ever in my class, you know that I don't ever talk. If I do, that's because I'm either hyper or my friends are making me talk.
3. I play 2 instruments. One's a guitar and the other is a piano. I started guitar last year and I'm pretty good for playing for one year. I can't sing with it.. yet. For piano, I've been playing for about 3-4 years now. I'm pretty good but I still need to practice more. Klik hier voor meer gratis plaatjes
4. I love animations!! Whether it's movies or just little thing, animation is so much fun. I want to be an animator as a fun job someday. My favorite animation of all is Anime-like.MySpace Really cute right??
5. I'm not a gymnast. I hate tumbling and things like that. One thing for sure, I'm not flexible so flips, arches, cartwheels, I'll pass. If you don't believe me, ask the trampolines. I always get injured on them. I can do somersaults though.MySpace

That's all I can think of for now. See part 2 next week!! (If you have something that you want to know more about me, comment below!)


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Labs in Science

Hi everyone! I'm very sorry that I haven't posted much but of course, school work. Well, if you didn't know, my first class of every other day is science and boy, what a class to start the day!! I love science and want an occupation that will involve the use of science. I have an amazing teacher and he is perfect for teaching science in a fun way!

Well, these couple of weeks, we've been doing labs. The first one of the week was about cabbages. We would get the juice out of red cabbage out. (I don't know why it's called red cabbage even if it looks purple!) Then we would have different acids and base to mix the juice with. If it was an acid, the juice would turn pink but if it was a base, it would turn a blue or green. It was really fun to do and I had a blast doing it! The whole point was that you had to see what is an acid or base and what kind of chemical reaction it creates.

My next lab was also about chemical change but more of a mystery. We had to find what the "Mystery substance" was. First we would have to observe the different powders and mystery. Then we see what they would all do with water, acid, heat, and iodine. This was actually a really fun one to do. I would tell you what the mystery substance is but I decided not to.

Well, tomorrow I have science again! (YAY!!) I stopped by his room today and saw a 'bank robbery' worksheet. I guess it's time to see what some bank robbers did! It's time to track 'em down!
Student-Led Conferences.....
I really hate student-led conferences. They are very boring and it's just horrible for most teachers. You come back to school at the end of the day and your parents and teacher talk about how you are doing in school. (I never cause any trouble so I don't need to worry about that!) I have mine tomorrow and boy! I am looking forward to them! (That was sarcasm.) I just wanted to let you know about them because they are a pain for everyone.

Ta ta!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Let the Leash Off

This is a poem that I wrote:

Let the Leash Off
By: Petpet

Let the leash go
 I want to run free
Just leave it for a minute
Maybe I'll catch a bee.

Let the leash go
You know I'll come back
I will be safe and love you when I come
If someone tries to take me away, I'll attack.

Let the leash go
You have kept me trap
Let me out for a day to explore
When I come home, you can finally take a nap.

Let the leash go
This will be a huge step but I'm tamed
I won't run crazy with freedom
To me, this won't be a game.

Let the leash go
I love you
But you need to trust me
Just let me go and you'll love me too.

(Do NOT claim this work as your own because I will hunt you down! If you'd like to use it for something and give me credit, comment below and tell me that.)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

9/11. A Day to Remember

Hey everyone. Sorry for not posting much. I've been busy this week. It's been full of emotions, boredom, getting sick, music, and homework.

Anyways, let's not worry about me. It's a day to remember 9/11. The day when 2 planes ran into the Twin Towers, 1 into the Pentagon in Virgina, and 1 in a field in Pennsylvania. This all happened in 2001. It was a very tragic time and many people lost lives. This was one of the worst terrorist attacks ever.

It all started with 19 hijackers that stole 4 planes. They were all terrorists. Some say that Osama bin Laden directed this attack. I'm not sure because I haven't learned a lot about it. This year, the United States of America got revenge over Osama. He died on May 2, 2011. His death could never repay all those that were killed during the attack but many were happy over revenge.

Most people remember about the attack of Twin Towers. I was only 3 when this happened so I wouldn't remember much. I remember stories of all those that died. Whenever I hear about the story of 9/11, it makes me remember how lucky I am and what it means to be an American. Many kids older and younger than me, lost their parents. If you haven't seen any of the videos or read and of the stories, they will touch your heart....

There will be a special 'Good Morning America' tomorrow starting about 8:21 AM Eastern Time. Don't miss it!


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Logo Contest

Hi everyone. As many of you know, I've made a new logo and had a poll on it. Well, I decided that I might make a couple of changes to it but I couldn't find the background!! So now I'm stuck with bad wording and I don't want that.

That's why I'm creating Petpet's Room First Contest ever! Yep. So here's what you have to do: find a background that would go good for the logo and look nice. Here's the requirements:

1) Find a background that you think would look good for the top of the page and every time you come in my room. Background has to be....
  • Appropriate
  • Colorful or a main color
  • Creative
  • Large size or a picture that can repeat
  • NO copyrighted items
2) Once you find your background, e-mail it to me. My e-mail is Just title it 'logo contest' then attach your background. If you got it off a website and don't know how to attach, then just put the link down. MAKE SURE I CAN EDIT THE PICTURE IF I SAVE IT. If I can't, that background will be eliminated from the contest.

3) You can only enter up to 4 backgrounds. That means, on 1 e-mail, you may attach 4 backgrounds but no more.

The winner will either get author permission or I will figure something out for them. More info on author permission is coming soon.

Deadline: September 16, 2011
Announcement of winner: No later than September 23 depending on how many entries.

Good luck!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

New logo!

Hi everyone. I just created a new logo for Petpet's Room and I want to know what you think! I created a poll on the side and I want to see which one you like more. Please choose one! Polls will close around September 5th.


I also made a new look for my room. It's just a bit different but I hope you like it!

Friday, August 26, 2011

It's time to be... NINJA!!

Klik hier voor meer gratis plaatjes
Sorry I haven't been posting lately. It's just that I was overloaded with homework on the first week of school. Yeah I know. It sucks. This is how I feel like right now: Klik hier voor meer gratis plaatjes

I didn't know what to talk about so I decided, "Why not do a post about ninjas and some style tips?" Anyways, here's a funny story. One day, my friends and I were obsessed with ninjas. We started to act like ninjas and once, I did a 'ninja kick' and failed!! I feel right down on my bum. It was really funny and stuff. I said I pulled a 'Cierra.' My friend is Cierra and she's really clumsy so when one of us falls, we call it a Cierra. Anyways, everybody started to that and we just ended up having fun. I'm pretty sure my bottom was sore after that though.

Fashion Tip:
To keep your nail polish on longer, just don't pick at it and be careful of what you do that can chip it. I keep my nail polish on for about 3 months! Impressive right?


P.S. Please click on the egg on the side toolbar! My last one died and I really want to hatch my first dragon. Just click it at least once a day. That's all I care!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Petpet for Vice President!

You arrive on a street and you see a newsboy is walking on the street. "Extra! Extra! Read all about it. Petpet running for vice president!"
You arrive at a news room with reporters everywhere and Petpet at a stand. She just finished her speech. "Any questions from the reporters?"
Reporter askes, "What are you running for Miss Petpet?!"
"I'm running for vice president on for my Guitar 2 class."
"Why do you have a president, vice president, etc. for guitar class?"
"It's because my teacher wants to have a student in charge if she's gone for the day."
Another reporter blurted, "Why should people vote you for VP?!?!"
"I just made that speech! Weren't you listening? Anyways, no more questions for today."
Reporters just keep asking questions.
Hi everyone. That was just kinda a dialouge of how a really big election would have been like if I was running for vice president but most of it was true. I did run for vice president for guitar class. It's a big deal to have to job of VP but a bigger job for President. Anyways, I had to make a speech in front of the class so that they can decide who they want running the class. (It was in front of 13-14 people so it wasn't that bad.) I was competing with one of my friends and another one of my friends got the job of President. The election happened right after the speech and guess who won?! It was...... *drumroll.* my friend! JK. It was me!! So now I'm VP for guitar 2 and my friend is President. Isn't that just perfect?

It's a big responsiblity so I better get to work. See ya!

♥ Vice President, Petpet.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ultimate Phantom Snails and Fashion!!

Sorry for the weird title but that's what I'm going to be talking about today. So I just recently had a poll before school started. These are the results:

What would you want to see more of in Petpet's Room?
More about Petpet's life 3
More about Petpet's style 4
More book reviews 3
More about TV shows Petpet watches 1
More of Petpet's school relationship 2
Other 3

So now I might do some more of my fashion tips and things about a girl's fashion. Anyways, I bet some of you would like to know about my 2nd day of school. Here's how it went.....

I started off with science with my teacher, Mr. C. Our class was some-what big but we have a lot of talkers so we barely got everything done. At one point, a guy in my talked about eating snails which was gross. I've tried it before and I didn't like it one bit.

Next was math. I wasn't excited about that at all!! It went on forever but then it was lunch. One of my favorite times at school. Then came my favorite class of the day. Guitar!! I love playing guitar even if I just started last year. I love music, so I love guitar. Klik hier voor meer gratis plaatjesThis year my teacher decided that we would be doing Guitar 1 and Guitar 2. I'm in Guitar 2, (that means it's the more advanced.) We have a concert every season at the school and each time there's a different theme. For the fall concert, we are doing Halloween things and this year is all from Phantom of the Opera! I have never watched it but I want to someday. Last year we did Thriller Theme from Micheal Jackson. It was really fun and I'm really hoping to Phantom of the Opera.

Last class of the day was gym. We had to play ultimate frisbee. Most of us already knew how to play from last year so it was kinda easy. I was all sore from it on Friday since I don't excersise very much during the summer. (Don't tell my gym teacher that!!)

Well, what did you think of my day and what kinda style tips would you want from me??


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First Day of School!!!

Today was my first day of 8th grade and boy was it exciting! Walking into the school once again had kinda a familiar feeling. I got to school early (which I normally don't) so I could chat with my friends for awhile. We chatted for about 5-10 minutes about our summer, schedules, and other stuff. It was almost time to go to class so we went to the classrooms (except for some of the 7th graders since they didn't know the teachers.)

I had Spanish for first period and this teacher is new to me since I've never had her. She taught differently than my other teacher which was kinda a big change for me. We did some things but the thing that I remembered most that we had to change our name to more Spanish sounding names!! Many of the guys chose Jose, Pepe, Carlos, etc. I didn't have to change my name since it was already Spanish. (Asian girl with a Spanish name!!)

I had History which the time kinda dragged a bit since I already had her last year and we already did the back to school things. I found out that I had some of the worse people in my class this year. Some people are just too noisy, annoying, and..... well...... weird. After that was lunch!! I was really hungry and all so I was glad to eat. =)

Next 2 classes were English and Journalism. English seemed like it went on forever since I finished my work already and there was and hour of class left. I just chatted with friends and look at my teacher's baby picture. (She just had one!! So cute!!) This is my first year taking Journalism so I was kinda excited. Journalism is just basically a class for the school newspaper. I've always wanted to know more about news reporters and all so I was kinda glad I got the class. (It' might improve my blogging skills.)

Well, it was a pretty good day don't you think?........... Except............. for................. HOMEWORK!! Klik hier voor meer gratis plaatjesYep. Homework on the first day for all the classes. The thing is that we have disclosures which are just papers we have to let parents sign and read.

Well. I better get going. Got something to do....Klik hier voor meer gratis plaatjes

Klik hier voor meer gratis plaatjes♥Petpet

Monday, August 15, 2011

Book Review #3: Ever

I have just recently finished reading Ever by Gail Carson Levine. This book is about how a god named Olus falls in love for a mortal named Kezi. They soon meet each other and fall madly in love but Kezi is soon to die. She has to find a way to stay alive and be with her love. The god has to help her survive by trying to over come fears.

I really liked this book because it talks a lot about bravery and it has a unique tale. I recommend this book for teens that can handle romance and adventure. This book was one that I could not put down!! (Which doesn't happen a lot.)

Here's the description in the book:
Falling in love is easy..... even for Kezi, though she knows her days are numbered. And head-over-heels, come-what-may love is inevitable if her heart's desire is Olus, the Akkan god of the winds. But accepting death is hared, especially when romance is new. Love brings Kezi the will to fight her fate. Love gives Olus the strength to confront his fears. She questions her faith and seeks truth in dark places. He suffers a god's trial when she needs a champion. Together-- and apart-- they encounter spiders with webs of iron, the cruel lord of the land of the dead, the mysterious god of destiny, and the tests of the Akkan gods. If they succeed, they will be together; but if they fail, Olus will have to endure the ultimate loss, and Kezi will have to make the supreme sacrifice.

Gail Carson Levine has been writing for all her life. She's written many books and even got a Newbery Honor award for Ella Enchanted. She's also written princess princess tale books (which I've read.) You can visit her website at

I need more book reviews!! Please comment and tell me some of your favorite books and I might feature it in the next book review!!


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New member!

I have a new member that will be part of my room. It's my little sister, Hannah. (That's not her real name.) She'll be posting and sharing more about my wonderful life. I hope she makes my room better. Before you meet her, take a look at her avatar. :)

~See ya!~

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Summer is almost an end.....

Today at 10 AM, I went back to school to get my new locker number, schedule, and rentals. It was kinda good to see the school and hallways again. First, we paid for the rentals. The line was short since it was only a couple of 8th graders. I saw some of my greatest friends. I haven't seen them all summer so it was really nice to see them. Then, I went to get my schedule and locker number. I was kinda excited to see what classes I got. Here's my scheule:

A Day:
1. Spanish
2. US History
3. English
4. Journalism

B Day:
1. Science
2. Math 8 Honors
3. Guitar
4. PE

I was pretty satisfied with my schedule. A Day would be more of what I call a 'language' day. B Day would be a 'fun' day. I'm kinda excited to see who are in my class. I know that some friends are in the same class as me.

Lockers: I got a bottom locker again. It's not that bad but I'm near the same people again, it's just a different area. I can't and can wait until school. Just because I'm in school, doesn't mean I won't blog!! See ya around.


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Uniforms............. Ugh

It's back-to-school shopping again. (Yay! My favorite time of the year. [I was sarcasing.]) Anyways, I've been lazy this year so I haven't quite got all the supplies I need. Probably need to start the checklist. Let's see..... I need pencils, binders, loose note paper (lots of it!), notebooks, organizers..... Yep. I'm ready for supply shopping!

Last week I went uniform shopping. Normally, I would be looking for the latest styles but since my school has uniforms, it's a whole other story. According to some parents and teachers, uniforms are suppose to help kids focus better. It's kinda true but I miss looking different than everyone else. The thing is, you always have the same outfit with at least one person! What a fashion crisis for girls. :p It really doesn't bother me too much but I don't like uniforms as much as I like my jeans and tees.

There's some variety in what we can wear but not much. The tops have to be polo (which kinda sucks) and they have to be in red, white, light blue, or navy blue. For the bottoms, they have to be black, navy blue, or khaki. I personally don't like the pants that they make but I like the skirts. I don't wear skirts much though because I'm not a girly girl.

Back-to-school registration is on Tuesday! Finally, I get to see all my friends and my schedule. For 7th grade last year, they didn't have the schedules ready so I didn't know my class until the first day. I hope they don't do it again this year. Well, I better get shopping!!

~Petpet the Academic Student.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It's a working progress....

My blog has reached over 200 views and it's only been 3 weeks since I started! This is a real great improvement to me!! Thank you for all your support and viewing! This means a lot to me and I promise to try and post at least once every week!!

Anyways, this is just another announcement post so now for the announcements!

First of all, I'm going to be going to school soon. We have a back-to-school meeting on Tuesday the 9th and I can and can't wait to see some people again! For those who are wondering, I'm going to 8th grade this year and I go to a charter school. (It's just a school that you have to sign-up and get picked.) Now I have to wear uniforms again. : p Well, I can't wait to see my schedule! My first day will be on the 17th so now my summer is about to end. Since I will be busy with school and music for most of the time, I might not post as much but I will never stop! I will post at least once a week and try to do most of them on Fridays.

Second, I think my room needs a little more of something and less of something. I've been doing book reviews, America's Got Talent things, and my life things so far. I need to know how many are reading what so I made a couple of polls on the sides. Please vote so I know what I need to improve.

Third of all, I have been pondering about adding more members to my room. I haven't made all the arrangements but I will tell you all when I do.

Lastly, I want to know what you think I need more in my room. Please comment and tell me what you want more from me! I'll be working on a new look on my profile too so tell me if you have suggestions on how I should make it look!

Also, please check out one of my friends' blog!!


Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad!!

Today is my dad's birthday!! He didn't get anything really special but all he needs is love from our family. Since today is a Monday, we celebrated his birthday yesterday. He got a surprise birthday cake. Here's how it looks like......

It looks yummy right?? This is year 44. It's hard to remember his birthday every year since he uses a Chinese calendar. The Chinese calendar is kinda like the Lunar Calendar and it is a bit more complicated than the one that we usually use.

Anyways, you wanna know what's inside?? It's strawberry ice cream on the top and on the bottom it's vanilla cake. (We aren't a huge fan of chocolate ice cream.) Want some?? Here's a plate. :)

Friday, July 29, 2011


Smurf! Smurf! Smurf? SMURF!!

Everyone's talking about them. It's all blue and cool. The new movie Smurfs is out and it's in.... 3D!! It's been advertised everywhere! TV, radios, and even online kids games. So far I've seen it on Poptropica, Bearville,, and even America's Got Talent!! I haven't seen the movie yet but it sounds exciting.

Speedy Wing in front of Smurfs ad.
 Here are the stars of the show:
Neil Patrick Harris as Patrick Winslow
Jayma Mays as Grace Winslow
Hank Azaria as Gargamel
Sofia Vergara as Odile
Jonathan Winters as Papa Smurf
Katy Perry as Smurfette
Alan Cumming as Gutsy Smurf
George Lopez as Grouchy Smurf
Paul Reubens as Jokey Smurf

Notice any of your favorites?? Click here to visit official website

America's Got Talent: Quarterfinals Part 3 Results

Wednesday, the 3rd results show aired. It was kinda intense and once again, 4 are closer to their dreams and 8 has come to an end. These are the ones that made it:
Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.


Lyn Agnes

Professor Splash
(I do not own these pictures! They are all from
I was pretty glad that these guys made it because I voted for them! :)

Special Guests
There were 3 specials guests this week. The third one was very unexpected.

 The legendary Stevie Nicks came to America's Got Talent. She performed a new song from her album In Your Dreams. It was great for all fans. She also said that Michael Grim, last year's winner, would be going on tour with her! Then near the end of the show, Stevie Nicks performed again singing "Edge of Seventeen."

Stevie Nick's performance

 The second guest was last season's sensation, Fighting Gravity. They performed one of their newest acts. I bet the judges were very glad to see them because I was! They would probably headlining a show in Broadway or Las Vegas soon.

Fighting Gravity's performance

The last guest was the Smurfs. They surprised everyone near the first 5 minutes of the show. Smurfette buzzed Sharon's buzzer which was what caused all the commotion. (Who knew that they could go on live?!) I guess it's a way to promote their new movie which is out right now! They also had a music trailer played near the end of the show.

Smurfs surprising the judges
This week's was full of danger, I can't wait to see next week's last quarterfinals!!

To see the all the performances, click the link: Week 9 night 1
To see the results show, click the link: Week 9, Night 2

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

America's Got Talent: Quarterfinals Part 3

Last night, the thrid live show aired. Again, there were laughs, "X's", thrills, and chills. There was also more 'arguing' against Howie and Peirs and talking about the latest fashion. (You looked amazing Nick!!) These were the acts:
  • Summerwind Skippers
  • Sh'Boss Boys
  • Mauricio Herrera
  • Seth Garbel
  • Poplyfe*
  • Ian Johnson
  • Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.*
  • Purrfect Anglez
  • MonĂ©t
  • Captain and Maybelle
  • Lys Agnes*
  • Professor Splash*
* means I voted for them.

The acts were pretty good this week but there were still some "X's." Peirs wasn't as tough as last week and he finally got the point of Poplyfe and Summerwind Skippers. There were some disappointed contestants last night. Well it's all up to America to see who wins tonight.

Special guests for results show:
The legendary rock star, Stevie Nicks, is going to perform and my most favorite acts from last year, Fighting Gravity! I can't wait to see what's been happening with Fighting Gravity from last year!

Check back soon to see the results or tune in at 9/8 central on NBC!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Jump Ropes.... Using Rubber Bands?!

We use rubber bands all the time. For wrapping things, collecting, and sometimes even slingshots. Have you ever thought that rubber bands could make jump ropes?? Well it's true! You can.

I never thought that it was possible but it is! My parents taught me how to do this. When they were younger, they lived in Vietnam and they had to learn how make their own toys. One of the toys is the jump rope made of rubber bands. They just build a chain of rubber bands over and over to create a rope. It takes some time to get the technique down but it's really fun to do. Here's how they look:

12' Jump Rope and Rubber Band Jump Rope

8' Jump Rope and Rubber Band Jump Rope

It was really fun spending an hour making jump ropes. It's a lot of rubber bands to make it but it was fun. I made the rope on the right while my parents made the one on the left. As you can see, theirs was really long. It's more than 12 feet long!

To get that thick of a rope, we had to use 5 rubber bands for every loop. My rope contains about 440 rubber bands while the other one had about 500 rubber bands!! It's a lot of rubber bands. Probably more rubber bands than a rubber band ball.

If you want to know how to make a rubber band jump rope, comment below that you do and I might post how!
Singing Hatsune Miku