Saturday, December 17, 2011

Worst Winter Concert of the Year!

It's that time of year again. The time for present, joy, and Christmas music. Well, I had 3 different winter concerts this year and they are all right next to each other! Monday, the 12th, was the middle school one which I was playing for most of it. Tuesday was K-3rd grade and Wednesday was 4-6th. Talk about crazy. Well, the one that I'm going to talk about is Monday, the middle school one.

This year, all of our music schedules have been CRAZY. Our first concert of the year got moved so that meant more time for "Phantom" but not enough time for Christmas. We didn't have enough time to practice so, all of our playing sucked. For this concert, we tried a new arrangement so that everyone could hear their child. The goal was met but... there were some problems.
It took forever just to set up everything and everyone had to stay after school just to help set up and we still didn't finish in time. So 2 hours of setting up and we still weren't done. I guess it was because some people weren't productive. We have different lanes for where the audience can walk to get their seats. Everyone worked hard on them and... they weren't even used. :( That was disaster #1.

Disaster #2... the music. Everyone was unprepared, including yours truly. We just didn't have enough time to practice all the songs. Plus, with all the setting up, we didn't have time to run through the whole concert like planned. Our songs were good but it was just how we played. For our big finale, everyone was off and lost. What a disaster!

After our concert, we are supposed to stay and help clean up. The problem was, not many people stayed to help and I was one of the not helpers. The next day, my teacher got super mad for us not staying to help clean up. I guess that was because all of us were at the school for almost 12 hours straight and wanted to get out but it still wasn't fair. Our consequence for that was cleaning for a whole class. It was dirty work but it was kinda fun... It wasn't worth seeing my teacher swearing a couple of words and giving us a lecture though.

My music teacher had a Christmas miracle that day. She was driving to school. It was a pretty nasty day. I'm not sure what happened but she almost got ran over by a semi-truck and then while she was driving, her tire completely got shredded into pieces. Normally, you'd lose control of the car but she pulled to the side in time. One of choir's song, Angels Among Us, was talking about how angels are protecting us. That morning's incident was either pure luck or an angel was helping her. What do you think?

So, I spent 12 hours at school for a concert and normal stuff. It was just a really stressful thing. Then, after that, I still had a load of homework to do. I hope you had a better winter concert than I did! If you had something horrible, post it on your blog and leave a comment about it! I'd love to hear some stories!

Music 4ever!

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  1. Hey Petpet!
    so i heard your story about the winter concert. i guess i can somewhat relate to you. i play the trumpet in my band and we're having our winter concert on the 19th of January 2012. i cant really empathize because our auditorium cannot be arranged in the ways your could so we don't have to work on that, and my band teacher would kill us if we didn't play correctly. the 8th graders have to work extra hard and she would fail us if we were lazy...but im not. i can sympathize, though, and im really sorry for the concert flop thing. i can understand how hard you worked and believe me, i know how it must feel for something you really put your hopes up for becoming a flop. i hope, if you have a concert next year, it will be a blast:)
    are you having anymore concerts?


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