Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First Day of School!!!

Today was my first day of 8th grade and boy was it exciting! Walking into the school once again had kinda a familiar feeling. I got to school early (which I normally don't) so I could chat with my friends for awhile. We chatted for about 5-10 minutes about our summer, schedules, and other stuff. It was almost time to go to class so we went to the classrooms (except for some of the 7th graders since they didn't know the teachers.)

I had Spanish for first period and this teacher is new to me since I've never had her. She taught differently than my other teacher which was kinda a big change for me. We did some things but the thing that I remembered most that we had to change our name to more Spanish sounding names!! Many of the guys chose Jose, Pepe, Carlos, etc. I didn't have to change my name since it was already Spanish. (Asian girl with a Spanish name!!)

I had History which the time kinda dragged a bit since I already had her last year and we already did the back to school things. I found out that I had some of the worse people in my class this year. Some people are just too noisy, annoying, and..... well...... weird. After that was lunch!! I was really hungry and all so I was glad to eat. =)

Next 2 classes were English and Journalism. English seemed like it went on forever since I finished my work already and there was and hour of class left. I just chatted with friends and look at my teacher's baby picture. (She just had one!! So cute!!) This is my first year taking Journalism so I was kinda excited. Journalism is just basically a class for the school newspaper. I've always wanted to know more about news reporters and all so I was kinda glad I got the class. (It' might improve my blogging skills.)

Well, it was a pretty good day don't you think?........... Except............. for................. HOMEWORK!! Klik hier voor meer gratis plaatjesYep. Homework on the first day for all the classes. The thing is that we have disclosures which are just papers we have to let parents sign and read.

Well. I better get going. Got something to do....Klik hier voor meer gratis plaatjes

Klik hier voor meer gratis plaatjes♥Petpet


  1. Hola (I think this how you say hello in Spanish),
    Journalism sounds fun! Maybe I'll do it. And my class? Well they're so noisy! So I guess I know how you feel. I also hate homework, I usually finish my homework on the first day I get it but now I have a project and there's so much WORK!!

  2. Dinner lol!!!!!!!!!1 ^-^

  3. I know..... Right now I have a project to do and it's only the 3rd day!! Like I said, It's not fair...

  4. my school starts september 8th...

  5. p.s. your blog is really cute! i am a HUGE poptropica fan!!!:)


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