Friday, July 29, 2011

America's Got Talent: Quarterfinals Part 3 Results

Wednesday, the 3rd results show aired. It was kinda intense and once again, 4 are closer to their dreams and 8 has come to an end. These are the ones that made it:
Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.


Lyn Agnes

Professor Splash
(I do not own these pictures! They are all from
I was pretty glad that these guys made it because I voted for them! :)

Special Guests
There were 3 specials guests this week. The third one was very unexpected.

 The legendary Stevie Nicks came to America's Got Talent. She performed a new song from her album In Your Dreams. It was great for all fans. She also said that Michael Grim, last year's winner, would be going on tour with her! Then near the end of the show, Stevie Nicks performed again singing "Edge of Seventeen."

Stevie Nick's performance

 The second guest was last season's sensation, Fighting Gravity. They performed one of their newest acts. I bet the judges were very glad to see them because I was! They would probably headlining a show in Broadway or Las Vegas soon.

Fighting Gravity's performance

The last guest was the Smurfs. They surprised everyone near the first 5 minutes of the show. Smurfette buzzed Sharon's buzzer which was what caused all the commotion. (Who knew that they could go on live?!) I guess it's a way to promote their new movie which is out right now! They also had a music trailer played near the end of the show.

Smurfs surprising the judges
This week's was full of danger, I can't wait to see next week's last quarterfinals!!

To see the all the performances, click the link: Week 9 night 1
To see the results show, click the link: Week 9, Night 2

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