The Speedy Wing and Friends Collection

Here is a collection of all my favorite costumes/outfits that I created over the years and how to create them.

Notes: Majority of the costumes are made for girls but some may have boy versions depending on the style. I am trying to create similar boy styles as well.

Some costumes may require to go to "Pop Travel" which is a site where you can "replay" ads that Poptropica feature. Click here to go to the "Pop Travel" page.

Fight evil while looking stylish in the Wild West!

Costumes Required: None
Time Takes: Little/Medium
Islands need completed: Wild West

How to create it:
  • Go to Wild West island. Then go to "Dos Cactos" Customize Annie Oakley's (the girl shooter) hair.
  • Customize "The Man with No Name's" gun/belt.
  • Customize the shirt from "The Shooting Contest Manager" (guy in white)
  • Get black pants
  • Get bangs (shown in picture are from Angel Costume.)
  • Put on "Sheriff Badge."
  • Equip Pea Shooter or Spud Gun 
The Fighter:
A super cool fighter that's tough, rough, and feared. No one will mess with you!
Costumes Required:
  • Biker
  • Ninja (Optional)
Time Takes: Little
Islands need completed: None

How to create it:
  • Get the Biker Costume and customize the jacket, pants, hair, and hat.
  • Get the shirt and belt from the Arthur Christmas ad on "Pop Travel."
  • Get any bangs and lips/mouth
  • Get the ninja costume and customize the nunchucks.
  • Get a different ponytail (one shown in picture is from Tower Prep ad on "Pop Travel.")
Western Traveler:
Travel around the wild west lookin' mysterious and cool!

Costume Required:
  • Biker
  • Masked Hero (Optional)
Time Takes: Little
Islands need completed: None

How to create it:
  • Go to Wild West Island and customize the shirt and bag/belt from the messenger you when you first arrive. (If you started the island already, you'll have to restart it to get the clothing.)
  • Customize the hat/hair from Dusty (guy who's near the ranch in Wild West)
  • Get the Biker Costume and customize the jacket
  • Get black bottoms (skirt or pants)
  • Get any lips/mouth
  • Get the Masked Hero and customize the cape.
  • Get bangs


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