Friday, December 21, 2012

Poptropolis is doomed?!

This Speedy Wing here at Poptropolis Island. Earlier today, Mews Corp. reported an occurrence of this island seismic activity and I'm here to check it out.
So far, there isn't any damage to the Poptropolis Ruins but some competitors are having a difficult time participating in the games. I interviewed a member of the Pathfinders to hear their opinion. "It's been hard competing with all this shaking going on. This won't stop the Pathfinders from winning these games though!"

I stayed to watch a few of the games and at least one of the competitors messed up during their competition. The shaking made archer even harder to hit the target. It made it harder for those throwing the javelins to not lose their balance. The weightlifting is twice as hard since everything is off balance.

All of Poptropolis is hoping this won't last for long.
This is Speedy Wing, signing off. Please make sure to tune to the Hideout to get more updates on what's going on here in Poptropolis.

~Speedy Wing~

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Blessings for Newtown, Connecticut

You've heard it... Or you haven't.

On December 14, 2012 at about 9AM, one of the worst school massacres started. The results? At least 27 dead, 20 of them were children. The story... I don't even know where to start.

All I have to say is... bless those families who lost their loved one during the massacre. And for those adult heros, thank you for saving so many children while risking your own lives.

A moment of silence, please....

Those were just a few of the pictures in dedication of those who died on Friday. After the news was spread, President Obama made a speech about it. There were times where he wiped a few tears too...

But what really touched me, wasn't the speech. It was the actions America did after. We became a nation and everyone grieved for those in Newtown. It was a terrible disaster and everyone prayed for those that were in the shooting.

All over the nation, flags were put to half-staff in honor of those 27 victims. Even days after the event, we still grieve for and with them. This event reminds us of the children. They may not always be the best but they are innocent and they mean very dear to us. I'm only a teenager but if I were to hear such a thing happening to my little sister, I would feel horrible.

It's not only those that died we have to honor. We also have to honor those brave elementary kids and the teachers. Those teachers were in a very deadly situation but they still tried to keep the class silent and hidden. Some of the teachers that died were brave enough to face the shooter and protect the children.

The children... some of them watched their best friends die that day. Something like that... doesn't come easy. They were so brave to be in such a horrific scene. Then there were those hiding, scared. They were trapped inside their classrooms, closet, bathroom, where ever. They heard gun shots piercing through the hallways and each second, they hope that it won't be them next and they won't have to be like this. Those children are so brave to be able to go through that...
Out of all the shootings we've had this year, this one (in my opinion) was the worst. Why? Because it involved the death of 20 innocent children... all from ages 5-8. They had a whole future ahead of them. Graduation, love, marriage, children of their own.... They still had the whole world to explore.

That's why the government is taking action. Of course, there is a huge debate on if we should or shouldn't change gun control... It's gonna take awhile for a decision though.

Either way, Newtown, here at Petpet's Room, I give you prayers and blessings. This terrible thing could've happened to anyone, any town... but it happened to be yours. =(

My dearest regards to the angels and their families...

All pictures were found on Facebook and belong to rightful owner

Thursday, December 13, 2012

What a long day...

It is past eleven o'clock... PM. I should be asleep but you know those "If You Don't Write It Now, You'll Forget It" moments? Yeah... That's what I'm having. So, bare with me?

Anyways, I was back at school and I missed A LOT. 2 days doesn't seem much but it does at my school.
•1st period wasn't too bad... Since it was art.
•2nd period we just reviewed for an upcoming test. I missed a day so some of the things that I was unsure of.
•I was really lost during 3rd period though. We were working on our Policy Paper and the one class of English and two classes of Biology made a huge difference! Everything we were doing was pretty much new to me. I didn't even know our topic... Until today. I also found out that we have an outline for our paper due next week... I have a lot to do this weekend.
•4th period wasn't too bad but, I still found things out. First, I found out we were performing Cinderella in Spanish to many classes on Monday. I need to remember my lines! Then, I also found out that we were DANCING. I don't mind it but some guys are just. . . awkward. We danced the cha-cha (which I previously learned last year) but it was a much shorter time and we weren't stuck with one partner. Only thing is, I liked one partner named "T" and he was my partner for a lot of the time. The only problem is our height difference. I'm shortie and he's a tall one... He's still the best dance partner... Even if he can't learn dance moves quite that fast.

I can't decide if I liked the Cha-Cha more or the Merengue.
Anyways, after a long day of school, I was still not done. I had to do make-up work, have piano lessons (BEETHOVEN!) xD, and comfort my sister after a bad mishap after her Christmas Concert.

But what was most tiring was the last few hours of the day. Just a warning but it you ever meet my mom, just try to never get on her bad side.

First, it started out with the mishap. My dad went to the concert with my sister and it turns out, he clicked the wrong button and wasn't recording he whole time. Then came DISH NETWORK PROBLEMS. We switched to Dish (because our Cantonese channels were no longer on DirectTV) and so far, my mom hates DISH like Hades... Yup. It's THAT bad. I won't even describe how horrible it is but it you ever decide to change to Dish, save yourselves and don't. (P.S. You didn't hear any of this from me. All from mom...) After a long night of trying to figure that out, it was time for bed. You could probably guess that my mom was a little more than grumpy. Well, she just had to blame my dad for one more thing. The alarm system. He sets it every night (well, is supposed to) and she yelled at him saying that he forgot these past few days. It was lies but... After a grouchy bad service with Dish, she probably wasn't thinking straight. Oh mom...

*yawn* So after a VERY long, I've learned a lot... That I am too tired to say. So, have you ever had a crazy day like this... Especially after being sick? Comment and tell me!
♥Petpet... Who is anticipating for winter break! (Images belong to rightful owner)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sick... AGAIN.

Guess what?! I'm home from school, sick.

This is the 3rd time this season. That's a new record. I dunno why but I keep catching something. I'm guessing it might be my bad habits but it could be because of my immune system. After this summer, my body has become weaker (long story.)

So I've been home for two days, ill. I don't mind missing school but I just have to do a lot of make-up work... which I totally dislike. So, I guess I should start doing those but it's hard to think when you have the sniffles. (I swear I'm going to go through a box of tissues by the end of the season.)

I hope that this goes away soon. I hate being sick.
Anyways, ciao!

(I wish I was so cheerful when I'm sick.)


Well, you know it. Today is the twelfth day of the twelfth month of 2012...

...And I posted this at twelve o'clock at twelve minutes. (Mountain Time) Yeah. I did that on purpose. I just couldn't help it.

So, this will be the last repeating day for another century! Man... I lived a cool childhood.

Today, lots is happening in the world... like marriage, birthdays, and hopefully more.

All I have to say is, happy 12/12/12 everyone!

P.S. Please support Sandy Relief and watch the concert tonight! Every little bit helps for those in need.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Happy December?

IT'S DECEMBER ALREADY?! I cannot believe it. Time goes way too fast. In just less than 30 days, I will be 2013!

Well, all I can say is that I keep getting busier and busier by the day. There's going to be a whole bunch going on this month! Let's see...
  • It's almost Christmas! That means busy decorating our house, buying and wrapping presents, seeing relatives... Gotta look forward to that business!
  • Only about a month away from 2nd semester. That means grades are getting tighter.... Which means I have to try hard if I want to be in High Honor Roll again. (It also means more end of term projects.)
  • I only have about a month to memorize and perfect 2 pieces for piano. It doesn't seem like much but still... Less time in the day.
  • We might take a small vacation during Christmas break... depending on our budget.
  • I only have about a week and a half to be with my math teacher! Mrs. D. is quitting due to family issues and she's leaving after Christmas break. She's one of the best math teacher I've had... I'm so gonna miss her. T_T
  • The world is supposed to end on the 21st of this year... I wonder if it's going to happen. We are 20 days away and... No one is panicing. I'm not surprised though.
  • Hopefully I can post more things for my blog (very special things...) but, that's only if I have time. >.<
  • I'm planning to publish my trip to Hawaii (been working on it) but after having Blogger delete it while I was half way through... was very frustrating. Time to start over again. T_T
There's probably a whole bunch of other things but, I just can't think of it off the top of my head.
Either way, I'm kinda excited for December... but not really. (Is it me or does everyone just start acting like angels during December?)

Hopefully, this month goes by fast but allowing me to have some time to post!
Happy December.... I guess.

Credit for Peanuts Christmas Picture:
Singing Hatsune Miku