Sunday, July 29, 2012

Apologizes! (I have a good reason this time!)

Deep apologizes for not posting these past two weeks! *bows deeply* It's just that these past weeks have been pretty crazy for me. Mainly because of my vacation!

I should have notified everyone of where I was going but, there was so little time to do everything! >.< Prepping for the trip took more of my time than expected so, I never got to post and I'm sorry for that!

Just to make it up, I will be posting some stories about my "wonderful" trip! (Along with some pictures, of course.)

So, please stay tuned for updates on my "exciting/wonderful" vacation!

P.S. I've also been busy spending family time so, please don't get mad for me not being online much.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Book Review #8: Wild Magic

This book review is about Tamora Pierce's book, Wild Magic. This is the first book of The Immortals series. This is one of my favorite books to read. It's full of adventure, fantasy, and... magic!

Wild Magic (There are different verisons
of the cover art.)
Wlid Magic is recommended for young adults with that wants a taste of fantasy and adventure. There is some violence involving fighting and some of the descriptions are frightening but it's a really good book. It is also put in a "medival" setting (just warning everyone.)

This book is about a young girl named Daine. She's has a huge knack with animals and is a great archer. Daine has been an orphan for a long time and is hoping to find a better future... and it all starts with meeting a horsetaker for the Queen's Riders. Along her journey she finds out about creatures, abilities, knowledge, and more that she's never known of... including that she contained a rare ability. A girl able to talk to animals, meeting strange creatures of the immortal, and living a brand new setting. What more could you ask for?

I absolutely love this book. This is actually my second time reading it and I noticed how much I forgot about the actual story. It is an adventure that I would love to go on though and I could not put the book down! Hopefully you check the book out and it will become a favorite of yours too!
If you ever have any books that you'd like me to feature/review, feel free to comment below!

Eye Doctor

I went to the eye doctor yesterday (Friday the 13th) and you know how it's a "bad luck" day? It didn't turn out for me, especially at the eye doctor!

I just wanted to let know that my eyes are HORRIBLE. I'm legally blind if I didn't have my glasses/contacts on... So it's kinda sad.

Anyways, I went to the eye doctor yesterday to get my yearly eye exam. It turns out my vision didn't change that much. In fact, my left eye got slightly better than last year. So, my eye sight for both right and left are almost even.

It's normal for our (kids'/teenagers') eyes to change since we are growing (according to my eye doctor.) It's still important to take care of your eyes though. If they are tired from looking at a screen for too long, then take a break and try to to limit screen time (which I almost NEVER do now. -.-)

I'm happy that my vision didn't change so much though! Now my mom won't take away my electronic privileges! =D

Take care of your eyes though!
♥A very happy Petpet

Thursday, July 12, 2012

AGT Season 7: Quarterfinals Part 2 Recap

This week was the second live show of AGT, Season 7. 12 performers took on the stage for a chance to earn the biggest prize of their life. Here's a recap of how each of them did:
  • LionDanceMe: They were the first to perform on Tuesday night. Their lion dance was good but the judges said it's getting old and it's the same thing they've seen before. LionDanceMe stepped it up but was it enough?
  • Turf: His background story caught America's heart but his performance wowed everyone. His combination with dance and contortion made his act unique. The judges praised him for being able to perform with only the music and dancing but they said he could've tried to incorporate more dance into the routine.
  • The All Ways: This rock band took a risk this week. They went with a more "pop" song (Lady Gaga's Telephone.) It was a good performance but they could've done much better according to the judges. It was mainly due to song choice and performance. Was the risk worth it though?
  • Hawley Magic: A spectacular, young magician performed a trick it involved a sword(?), his wife, and danger. It was a good act and got praised from the judges. Sharon said Hawley could be more "cool" though.
  • Lisa Clark Dancers: These young dancers performed a dance involving many styles of dance. This "theme" they went with was old styled. The judges weren't too happy with their performance. Howie thought it was a "dance recital" which was really hard on the Dancers.
  • Aurora Light Painters: A brilliant idea by using light and show. For their performance, they did, "Monsters Under Bed" as a story. The performance story was hard to sort out for Howie. The judges thought it was too "childish" at the moment. They have a great idea but... not "matured" yet.
  • Danielle Stallings: A 14 year old singer that sang It Will Rain by Bruno Mars. She is so young but has such a "big" voice. It was truly spectacular and she "shone" on Tuesday night.
  • Donovan and Rebecca: Amazing acrobatic performers that shows both grace and strength. They performed using aerial silks and blew the crowd away... and I bet blew America too.
  • Big Barry: Not a favorite of most but sang with his heart. Sharon and Howard "X'ed" him but Howie (being a fan of Big Barry) didn't X him and let Barry perform all the way. Once the judges got to talk though, there was a fight/argument between Howard and Howie.
  • Tom Cotter: One of the 2 comedians on this show. He told jokes about our "ways of speech." It was hilarious and won the crowd over. The judges praised him for his act.
  • Ben Blaque: Danger and Crossbows. He made everyone get to the "edge of their seats" (while Howie was literally off his seat at the beginning of the performance.) The judges didn't completely agree that it was "stepped up" from before but he did give a good performance.
  • Tim Hockenberry: The last act of the night sang Katy Perry's Part of Me. Howard didn't love it but many others did (including yours truly.) He definitely stepped up from his other 2 acts though!
So what did you think of Tuesday's acts? Who were your favorites and those that you voted for? Comment to tell me!

The Results..

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sick in the Summertime!

Okay, so some of you may be wondering why I took so long to post the results of AGT. Well, I was sick with a cold these past few days. T_T

It's uncommon for someone to catch a cold in the summer but I did! I've been feeling a lot better these few days (a few sniffles and coughing) but that's better than staying in bed with a fever. I promise to be bringing you more to this blog before the month ends.

♥Your recovering friend,

Monday, July 9, 2012

AGT Season 7: Quarterfinals Part 1 Results

Wednesday night, they revealed the results to see the first 4 contestants that will go onto the next round!
The first 3 that were revealed the top votes from America. Those ended up to be... 
The Scott Brothers
David Garibaldi and his CMYK

Shanice and Maurice Hayes

Many were very pleased with these results but sadly, there was only one more spot left.

For the last spot, they have 4th and 5th places from the voting come onto the stage and let the judges decide who will go on. For that week, it was between Edon and Todd Oliver. Both acts were worthy of the spot but as always, only one can go on.

After the commercial break, the judges made their final decision. All of them wanted Edon to go on to the next round. Congratulations, Edon!
Of course, we can't forget our performers/guests for the result shows! First was Cirque de Soleil's Zarkana. Then performed his new single, This is Love. which is available on iTunes.

This week was truely spectular.
Hopefully the next week will be even more exciting! Stay tuned to get the updates that's all, America's Got Talent!


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

AGT Season 7: Quarterfinals Part 1

Last night was the first live show of season 7 on America's Got Talent. It was an exciting night where some soar sky high or crashed in flames.
The show started off with a 30 minute countdown. We went behind the scenes and saw highlights of the auditions, just waiting for the Live Shows to finally start!

Last night, 12 of the 48 semifinalists performed on the brand new stage in New York City. Before, AGT's live shows were hosted in Hollywood but this year, it was time for a new home.

Since this was the new judge's, Howard Stern's, home, he was making a big deal out of it and thinking it's his show. America loves Howard but what about Sharon, Howie, and Nick? Stop hogging the spotlight, Howard!

The performers did better than others but it was hard for me to vote on this one! The performers were:
  • Distinguished Men of Brass
  • Edon
  • Jarrett & Raja
  • Lil Starr
  • Todd Oliver
  • American BMX Stunt Team
  • Nikki Jensen
  • The Scott Brothers
  • Michael Nejad
  • 787 Crew
  • Shanice and Maurice Hayes
  • David Garibaldi and his CMYK's
Some of these shined and made everyone remember them while others... crashed and burn.

My favorite acts of the night were Edon, The Scott Brothers, and David Garibaldi and his CMYK's. I think that last night, these acts shined brightly. Edon's performance was amazing! His singing is spectacular along with his playing. The Scott Brother's dance routine was amazing. Some of their moves put together with the music was brilliant. David Garibaldi and his CMYK's used music, dancing, and art last night to create a beautiful painting that made the audience and judges stand up.

Everyone gave their best to perform last night and their faiths were in America's hands. I hope you all voted for your favorites! Tune in tonight at 8/9 central to see who made it and who's going home.
Your teenage reporter/review that's all about AGT.

Missed the show? You can always watch it on You can also find out about the contestants, behind the scenes, photos, and more!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Happy July!

It is finally to July! Wow, June went by way too fast. I can't believe that only a month ago, I was crying my eyes out because some of my greatest friends were leaving and I was partying 3 nights straight.

Well, since it's gone by so fast, I haven't been able to post much at all here at the room. Why? Well, lately, I've been busy and I haven't FELT like posting much. I know it's a lame excuse but I haven't and I'm sorry for that.

Please don't expect me to post much from here on out. I'll keep doing my book reviews and occasionally do fashion posts.

I will be posting a lot of America's Got Talent updates since I love it and it's gone live again.

Thanks for all your support whether you are an AGT fan or not! Thanks despite all my lack of non-posting.

I hope you all have a wonderful July, here and out of my room!
Singing Hatsune Miku