Saturday, October 8, 2011

"I have no brain!"

Okay, the title does not involve me (I have a brain and it's a smart one!) I just wanted to tell you a bit about my life at school. Well... here it goes......

On Thursday, it was a very tiring day because I didn't get enough sleep and the day was just dragging. Well, 3rd period, English, made my gloomy day!!

My English teacher is normally fun and normally not free-going. Well, that Thursday, she was. My friend and I didn't know what happened. When we got into the classroom, she was full of energy. She wasn't like that when we dropped off our bags so I don't know what happened. I think it was either the stress or something she ate made her like this.

Well, since our class is small and pretty good, we don't have a lot of trouble, but more fun. Well, a guy in my class happened to have a plastic brain to school and some other boys were playing around with it. Here's kinda how that class period went:

During the beginning of class
Caden: Hey can I see that? *takes the brain*

Josh: Hey! Give me my brain back!

Cadnen: Cody! Catch! *throws the brain to Cody*

During correcting assignments
Cody throws brain to Jacob

Josh: Give me my brain back!

(Lots more goes on after this but I wasn't paying attention.)

Josh: Caden! Give me my brain back!

Caden: I have no brain!

*Class laughs (including me)*

Caden throws brain to Cody.

Teacher: Okay. Give that to me. *looks at brain* Haha! I get it. I thought you guys were joking around with the "brain." *hands toy brain back to Josh*

That was really funny because it seemed as if Caden really didn't have a brain! The class was really fun but there was a lot more to laugh about. I just can't share it due to space. I just wanted to share that story to you and it made me think zombies.


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