Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hunting for Costumes!

Halloween is just around the corner and I finally got a Halloween costume. We went to Halloween City to find one and after searching through most of the store, we found one that's perfect for me and, it was on sale! Well, you might be wondering what I'm going to be. Well, I'm going to be a pirate!

I tried on my costume and guess what? I actually look like a "scallywag"! Who knew that a person like me could be one of the greatest robbers of the sea?!

Arrgh! I'm a pirate y'all! (Quoted from Wordgirl's episode of Captain Tangent.)
So, what are you going to be for the spookiest night of the year?

Friday, October 21, 2011

Penguins go trick-or-treating!!

Halloween is coming just right around the corner and it seems like online worlds are getting ready for the spooky holiday of the year! Well, I'm going to feature something for Club Penguin! Introducing, DJ Danceclub103's adventures!
I think you remember her from the Adventure Quest. Well, she is now going to be part of the room when Club Penguin has a fun little party (I love the parties and they are way fun.) Alright! Let's start the Halloween Party penguins!!

This year, Club Penguin went ALL out with decorating. Almost every single room has been decorated and it's so spooky! I always love to have some snapshots of my time in the party so here's some. (Click the picture if you can't see it well.)

That was a shocker!

There will always be a party with DJ Danclub!

Pumpkin Picking at the dock

Yikes! Unexpcted!

Trick-or-treating at the snow forts!!
I had so much fun once again! If you can tell, some of the pictures have ghosts. You can pick one up at the haunted house and it's for everyone! (Go to Forest and it will lead you to the Haunted house.) Then, don't miss the scavenger hunt! Find the candy ghosts and get a prize! Also, don't forget to watch the "Night of the Living Sled."

Alright, Waddle on Penguins!
*DJ Danceclub103*

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Book Review #4: I So Don't Do Famous

I apologize for not doing book reviews for such a long time. School comes before reading. -.-

Well, I finished I So Don't Do Famous by Barrie Summy. To be honest, I really enjoyed this book. It is about moderate length and it's perfect for teens (especially girls!)

What do you if you write an essay to win a trip to Hollywood and found out that a crime was there and you might have help cause it?! Well, that's what Sherry (Sherlock) did. The book is full of drama, mystery, true love, stars, and ghosts.

The story takes place in, where else? HOLLYWOOD! Barrie Summy gave an amazing description of where to go and things around there. So, read the book to help you plan out some stuff to do while your in Hollywood! If you never been to Hollywood, this book will take you there for free!

This is Barrie Summy's 4th book in her I don't do series. This was actually my first book ever that I read from Ms. Summy and I really enjoyed it! Next time I'm going to the library, definitely picking up her other books! You can learn more about Barrie Summy at her website: (Hey, she has a blogger too! It looks better then mine. Maybe giving some pointers??)

Well, happy reading!!

Do you like to read? Would you like to be part of Petpet's Room?? Well, I am now accepting writers!! I know the whole point in "Petpet's Room" is that it's my personal use but sometimes, a girl just has to share her room. It's hard to keep up with school work and a blog so I'll be needing some help.

What can you do?
~Book Reviews
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~Anything else that is approved by me!!

Interested?? Leave a comment below on why you'd like to become a writer on my blog and also leave your e-mail!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

"I have no brain!"

Okay, the title does not involve me (I have a brain and it's a smart one!) I just wanted to tell you a bit about my life at school. Well... here it goes......

On Thursday, it was a very tiring day because I didn't get enough sleep and the day was just dragging. Well, 3rd period, English, made my gloomy day!!

My English teacher is normally fun and normally not free-going. Well, that Thursday, she was. My friend and I didn't know what happened. When we got into the classroom, she was full of energy. She wasn't like that when we dropped off our bags so I don't know what happened. I think it was either the stress or something she ate made her like this.

Well, since our class is small and pretty good, we don't have a lot of trouble, but more fun. Well, a guy in my class happened to have a plastic brain to school and some other boys were playing around with it. Here's kinda how that class period went:

During the beginning of class
Caden: Hey can I see that? *takes the brain*

Josh: Hey! Give me my brain back!

Cadnen: Cody! Catch! *throws the brain to Cody*

During correcting assignments
Cody throws brain to Jacob

Josh: Give me my brain back!

(Lots more goes on after this but I wasn't paying attention.)

Josh: Caden! Give me my brain back!

Caden: I have no brain!

*Class laughs (including me)*

Caden throws brain to Cody.

Teacher: Okay. Give that to me. *looks at brain* Haha! I get it. I thought you guys were joking around with the "brain." *hands toy brain back to Josh*

That was really funny because it seemed as if Caden really didn't have a brain! The class was really fun but there was a lot more to laugh about. I just can't share it due to space. I just wanted to share that story to you and it made me think zombies.


Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Sympathy: When you feel pain for someone and go into their steps
That's what I had the entire day; sympthy. My friend came to school late to science today. I didn't really know why until math class. It seemed that, her dog died today. How? Well, when they were backing out of the driveway to go to school, bang.

She cried everytime someone asked about it. I felt so bad for asking but I had to know what was going on because she's normally not that depressed. That's why I was her "storyteller" when people asked. I never had a pet (unless you count a week year old goldfish as one)  so I don't know how it feels to have one gone.

Let's all give sympathy for this dog that died over a little accident. I'm sorry for you Brittney. We all are. I don't know your dog's name but to this day, this is the day a lost was made.

♥ Very Caring, Petpet
Singing Hatsune Miku