Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Little Sonnet by Me

I had to write a sonnet for English class. I finished it and I am so proud of myself that I'm going to share it. (Why not?)

It's a Shakespearean Sonnet so it's in iambic pentameter, 14 lines, and follows the specific rhyme scheme (ABAB, CDCD, EFEF, GG.) Let me tell you, writing in iambic pentameter is a very tedious thing to do! It took me forever to get the "stressed" and "unstressed" syllables just right. This is why Shakespeare is a genius. I had to use the dictionary and thesaurus to write my sonnet... He only had his writing skills.

Anyways, here's my sonnet! (It's based off of the anime/manga Angel Beats! so if you've watched it, you can probably relate to it better.)

Faith is unfair
Our past lives ended brutal and unjust.
We lived for a short time, lives incomplete.
Our bodies altered to debris and dust
The past left us with nothing but defeat

We were alive without a goal in life
Then we found something priceless to protect:
Career, loved ones, band, music, future wife.
But death came before things could take effect

We can't move on because of our regrets
Faith is unkind to steal our dreams away
She took our wish; a crime we can't forget. 
Is it wrong to say that we were betrayed?

Faith is not always kind, for she's unfair

And all she did was put us in despair.

--Petpet Wing

This is probably one of the deepest piece of writing I have wrote in a while... All I hope is that I get a good grade on it. (Even if I don't, I'll still be proud of it!)

I think this turned out so well because I was trying hard to add the characters of Angel Beats! into my sonnet. I really wanted to express their feelings about their previous lives. Their emotions are so strong that I could somehow connect with them.

If you haven't watched Angel Beats!, you need to. I promise you, it changes your life...

Monday, September 23, 2013

Artwork: Pikachu Couple, Music Girl, and a Vocaloid Sketch

...I was bored this summer so I drew a bit. Here are some random artwork done by me.

Pikachu Couple:
One of my favorite pokemon is Pikachu. So I decided I would draw a couple in Pikachu hoodies. It doesn't have much detail as I would like but it turned out pretty well. My picture was inspired by the pikachu couple picture below my drawing.

Media used: Colored pencils and sketch pencils

Music Girl:
I wanted to draw something like myself so I drew a girl (that somewhat looks like me). The background is really weird because I drew this on a scratch piece of paper.

Media Used: Pen for outlining, colored pencils

Vocaloid Sketch:
This is a quick sketch I did during class one day. I was trying to draw Hatsune Miku from Vocaloid but it didn't work out.

Media Used: Sketch pencil

So those are just a few drawings I had. Maybe if I draw more, I can post a couple of drawings every month? I dunno.
(I had those watermarks so no one would copy my work and so people can reference to me with a drawing app I use.)

Homecoming 2013

So if you read my post last week asking whether I should go to homecoming or not... This is a continue of it.(Click here to read it if you missed it.)

As you probably figured, I went to homecoming yesterday! (Thank you RedWing for your feedback. I took your advice and the advice of all my other friends.) It was different from my middle school dances for sure. I mean, at my old school, the dances had about 60-70% middle school going and it was only from 5-7PM. Homecoming was similar but there was only about 20% of the school that went and the dance was from 7-10PM. Plus, there was a formal dress-code which I NEVER had with my other dances.

I went to homecoming with a group of friends. We had "dates" but some of them were unofficial and we mainly stayed as a big group. It ended up being uneven however because one of the girls couldn't go last minute. (So we had one "bachelor" in our group.) It was really fun going as a group. We just messed around, danced awkwardly, and had crazy fun. Even on some of the slow songs, we tried to have some fun.

When we weren't in a group, we were dancing with our dates... but that only happen a couple of times. My "date" was my guy friend G. He never asked me to go with him. It was just a pairing my friends did for us... But none of us opposed so I guess it was okay.

Last night was the first dance I've ever had with a guy. (Dances where I was forced to be paired up don't count.) I know it's really really late for me to have my first "couples" dance but I was never popular in middle school. Plus, none of the guys had the guts to ask me to dance with them. :P Either way, I would never imagine that my first dance would be with a guy like G. He's not the type of person, appearance wise, that I would dance with when two years ago but that doesn't matter because he's so sweet. ^_^ 

Homecoming was truely an amazing experience. My feet hurt like crap from dancing in heels but it was worth it. I got to have a fun time, meet some new people, get some more exercise, and dance with my friends.

It's been a month of high school and I'm already getting a group of friends... I guess I owe it to my social friend though.

Until next time,
♥Petpet who's surviving high school

Friday, September 13, 2013

Homecoming or Not?

It's been almost a month since my first day of high school! I can't freakin' believe it.

So as most of you know, most high schools have a "Homecoming" after a month or so of school. Well, my school has a homecoming dance next week and I'm not sure if I should go. It's a "guys' choice" dance which means the guys get to choose their dates. Being a girl from outside the district boundaries, I know very few people and hardly any boys would actually ask me to the dance. I mean, I have a few guy friends but I highly doubt any of them are going to ask me to be their date. (They've had 2 weeks and so farnothing.)

My friend G. said that we (that means he, a whole bunch of his other guy friends, my friend Abhi, my gal friend M, and I) should go to the homecoming dance as a group. It doesn't sound bad, but that means I'd have ONE WEEK to find an outfit for the dance... and I'd have to spend $10, since tickets are $20 a couple.

I'm still debating whether or not to actually go. It would be fun but I honestly don't know if I want to go... Since there's going to be couples everywhere and I'm going to be surrounded by guys with only one gal friend in my group.... (I know some of you girls are thinking I'm crazy to not go right now.) Still, it's a decision I need to make and I need to make the decision FAST.

I feel horrible that I actually have to think about whether I should go or not. Am I really that shy and unsocial that I can't just say "yes" to a school dance with a bunch of friends?! ...Looks like it but I really hope not. My choices for next Friday night is to spend my night on the Internet or go socialize... I feel so stupid right now.

I'm still uncertain if I should go though. >.< Suggestions on what I should do?
♥The Socially Deprived Petpet

Pictures belong to rightful owners!

Monday, September 2, 2013

10 Funny Things To Do at an Amusement Park

So on August 19th, I went to an amusement park with my 7 of friends (the week before school.) To be honest, we did some pretty crazy things.

We were so crazy, we attracted attention... So here are some of the funny things we did during our Amusement Park trip! (Somethings on the list were ideas that we never.)

10 Funny Things to Do at an Amusement Park!
(Recommended for a group of 6+ people.)

1) Scream.We all have our favorite roller coasters. When it starts going down, everyone scream something random in unity.
A few examples: "I like puppies!," "For Narnia!." "We are all going to die!," etc.

2) If you see security cameras, wave at them and start dancing around, even if they aren't working. The people in line will still see you.

3) Overreact how scary the ride is going to be when you are in line. Best for kiddie rides.

4) If you are on one of the swing rides as pictured below, pretend to have a photoshoot while on it. So bring a fake camera (if allowed on ride) and just start "snapping" pictures while your friends are posing and swinging.
5) Start dancing the macarena or Gangnam Style while in line or where there's a lot of people.

6) On bumper cars, just get to the middle of the area and start spinning in circles. (You might get bumped a few times.)

7) Battle of the best! Split your group in half when you go on one of the swinging boat rides as pictured. (Make sure it's one of the rides that only go left and right and not upside-down!) Have half of the group on the left side and half on the right side of the ship. Think of two opposing things or phrases said after something else. Assign a side for a thing. Every time the ship goes up, that side has to scream their thing. See if you can get all the other passengers to scream with you.
Ideas: "Marco-Polo," "Peeta-Gale," "Jacob-Edward," "Facebook-Twitter," etc.
In case you are confused: We split the group so that the left group had team "Edward" and the right group had team "Jacob." (Twilight reference) When the left side was higher, the left group would scream "Edward." When the right side was higher, the right group would scream "Jacob." (So it seems like the two sides are debating.)

8) Have some fun with the ride attendants! We met a few attendants who have "sass" and/or a bubbly personality. If they start talking to you in an accent, have a brief conversation with them in the same accent! You will make the attendant's day better and your day better as well.

9) Bust out a beat on the log flumes. When you and a few other people are in the ride and waiting for the drop, start making some music. Everyone will play a different beat on the flume while one starts making random "ritual" noises (like Nemo's from Finding Nemo "Shark Bait oo-ha-ha" bit.) Plan it out when there aren't any people. Once you see a few people, start the beat again until they are out of sight. When you see people at the boarding area, start the beat once again until you get off. You'll feel like a Native American.... maybe.
10) On a ride where you pass people who are in line (rapids are a great one,) have one person yell "Everybody clap your hands!" Then everyone on the ride has clap their hands until the line is out of sight/hearing range. This is just to get people wondering why the heck you are clapping.

So yeah... Those are some crazy things we planned/and did during our trip to our favorite amusement park. We got quite a few strange looks but we still had a blast. I wouldn't recommend these things at a theme park (Universal, Disney, etc.) since they are more specific but any typical amusement park would be fine.

If you have any other ideas or tried some of these ideas, please tell me by commenting below!
Singing Hatsune Miku