Sunday, December 16, 2012

Blessings for Newtown, Connecticut

You've heard it... Or you haven't.

On December 14, 2012 at about 9AM, one of the worst school massacres started. The results? At least 27 dead, 20 of them were children. The story... I don't even know where to start.

All I have to say is... bless those families who lost their loved one during the massacre. And for those adult heros, thank you for saving so many children while risking your own lives.

A moment of silence, please....

Those were just a few of the pictures in dedication of those who died on Friday. After the news was spread, President Obama made a speech about it. There were times where he wiped a few tears too...

But what really touched me, wasn't the speech. It was the actions America did after. We became a nation and everyone grieved for those in Newtown. It was a terrible disaster and everyone prayed for those that were in the shooting.

All over the nation, flags were put to half-staff in honor of those 27 victims. Even days after the event, we still grieve for and with them. This event reminds us of the children. They may not always be the best but they are innocent and they mean very dear to us. I'm only a teenager but if I were to hear such a thing happening to my little sister, I would feel horrible.

It's not only those that died we have to honor. We also have to honor those brave elementary kids and the teachers. Those teachers were in a very deadly situation but they still tried to keep the class silent and hidden. Some of the teachers that died were brave enough to face the shooter and protect the children.

The children... some of them watched their best friends die that day. Something like that... doesn't come easy. They were so brave to be in such a horrific scene. Then there were those hiding, scared. They were trapped inside their classrooms, closet, bathroom, where ever. They heard gun shots piercing through the hallways and each second, they hope that it won't be them next and they won't have to be like this. Those children are so brave to be able to go through that...
Out of all the shootings we've had this year, this one (in my opinion) was the worst. Why? Because it involved the death of 20 innocent children... all from ages 5-8. They had a whole future ahead of them. Graduation, love, marriage, children of their own.... They still had the whole world to explore.

That's why the government is taking action. Of course, there is a huge debate on if we should or shouldn't change gun control... It's gonna take awhile for a decision though.

Either way, Newtown, here at Petpet's Room, I give you prayers and blessings. This terrible thing could've happened to anyone, any town... but it happened to be yours. =(

My dearest regards to the angels and their families...

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  1. My cousin was killed there.

  2. This is one of the saddest things I've heard in my life (and I've heard a lot). But I don't think they should take away guns. If a bad guy still has a gun,who's gonna fight him/her off? The cops? They won't arrive before, like, 4 deaths. That's why we should all have a right to carry a gun. -Silver Penguin


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