Thursday, February 28, 2013

February... My Busiest Month.

Sorry I haven't been posting very much this month.

There are times when I want to post but I just don't have the time! I mean, every week I have at least one activity that takes up a lot of my freetime... Here is what my calendar kinda looked like:

I admit, that might not look like much from some people but you must know, I have a daily schedule too that aren't "events.". Most of the time, my schedule is empty but our family doesn't usually "plan" things out. We have things we WANT to do but most of the time we just do it at a pace. 

Along with that, I have homework, studying, piano, etc., and the day is pretty much over. The only time I ever have to post is... past midnight. (It's a horrible habit of mine now. I stay up past midnight when it is unnecessary. I keep losing sleep and it's just not healthy for me.) But by that time, I hardly want to do anything except relax and watch anime. 

I've been busy trying bring my grade up before conferences (which are in March) as well. My parents like would like me to maintain straight A's throughout the year and I currently have a B+ in Biology and an A- in English. >.< I'm okay with the grades since I still have a month to get it up but I don't think my parents will think the same.

All in all, if you are wondering what I'm doing when I'm not on the computer, just know I have to try to balance family, social, school, music, and other things in life. ^^; I always have lots of things that I want to write and share but I just don't have the time to write it all out.

I just hope things calm down in March because time passes too fast.
♥Petpet, who is very tired.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Taking Care of Mom

I'm supposed to be at school right now... but instead, I'm at home, typing this post. So, you are probably wondering why I'm skipping school.

Well, I would like my excuse to be that we are taking tests and everyone got the day off (just like some high schools do today) but it's not. My excuse is that I'm not feeling well. At least, that's all my friends at school think. To be honest, I'm perfectly healthy (excluding lack of sleep) and instead of me resting, I'm taking care of my mom.

Yesterday, my mom had an eye surgery and has to stay home from work for a couple of weeks. Well, as always, the first few days of a more serious surgery is hard and you need care from other people. It's hard to be independent when you are dizzy and sick. Yesterday, the three of us --dad, Shiny Sun, and I-- all took care of her. We made sure she was comfortable, rested, and healing. (Due to all of that, I totally forgot to do some of my homework. ^^;)

I almost did this.
We were all worried about the following day (today) because we weren't sure if my mom could take care of herself. It was only the second day and her eyes weren't fully healed yet. My dad couldn't take time off from work because he's done it so much already and we had to have some income this week. So, I decided that I would stay home from school to take care of her. I knew what we were doing today so I thought it wouldn't be a big deal if I missed Geography, Biology, and Peer Leadership. (I went to math though because we had a math test.)

So in conclusion, I'm skipping school and lying to stay home. I don't know if I should feel guilty for skipping school though. I mean, it's necessary for me to go to school but I'm doing it to take care of my mother in need of care. It's not like I'm skipping just because I don't want to go or to party. I hope my mom gets well soon.
Nurse to the rescue!
♥Petpet, a straight 'A' student skipping school for the day
(I am missing our lesson about the digestive system right now. I'm not sure if I'm relieved about it or disappointed. It was already really weird to see someone's vocal cords on Monday...)

*All pictures in this post belong to rightful owner

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Most Frustrating Day yet...

You know those days that you expect to go really well and then it completely backfires?

Well, I'm having one of those days. First off, I had a piano performance where I get judged. I practiced really hard and had it perfect but each time I perform on stage, I just tense up and tend to mess up more than I need to. It frustrates me how this happens each time! Stage fright, I just can't do... In the end, I got a 4/5 which isn't bad... but if I wasn't so nervous all the time, I would've done much better.

What really made my day worse was what happened AFTER the performance.

My friends have been preparing for a play for weeks now and today was their last performance. I really wanted to see it to support them. It started at three o'clock (and my performance ended around 2:40.) It was a production of The Twelve Dancing Princesses.  I have always loved that story as a child and the production was a huge twist from the traditional story. The show was estimated to be about an hour but started a little later than it was supposed to. So, we ended up going overtime and by the time it was intermission, it was over an hour since we arrived. Intermission was supposed to be 10 minutes but it ended up being almost 20. By the time the second part of the show started, we had to leave because of my parents. My dad had to go to work and my mom didn't want to pick us up so we HAD to leave. I couldn't get a ride home from my friends either because they had a volleyball game right after so there was nothing we could do. NOTHING.

That frustrates me so much. I wanted to have a good time watching the play and I couldn't! I literally cried when we got home. I usually don't complain but... this just frustrates me. It was just one weekend that I wanted to go out and do something... yet it was taken away from me before it ended. I know it was a snowy day here and that it would have been dangerous to drive but couldn't my mom just try and get up and drive us home from a 5 min. car ride? I know she's not feeling very well but I don't always ask for favors. I know how the play ends (or at least have a general idea) but it's not the same...

4 hours later
Okay. So that was my rant from before talking to my mom about all of that. I've calmed down a lot since then but I'm still frustrated that I couldn't see the whole entire thing. It was just a matter of miscommunication between me, my mom, and my dad. It's a long story but let's just say, things went totally wrong because of that. Fact is, our family has been miscommunincating for awhile now. There are times when we have totally messed up and no one was happy because we miscommunicate. I don't know when it's going to get better but... it's been a long day.

If there's anything I learned today, it's that I need more balance in life, my dad needs to get his act together because I would have totally yelled at him for not being clear with my mom first (turns out she COULD HAVE drove us home. He never told my mom that the play was going to last another 30 minutes!), and that I have been holding back too long...

Sorry for such a long rant but I had to get that off of my mind. If all of it sounds just like jibberish and a whole bunch of repeats, I'm sorry. It's hard to type when you are crying and mad at the same time.

♥, A Disappointed. Teary-eyed Petpet
(I just don't know how I'm going to write a descriptive paper for extra credit in English. It's hard to write about the whole entire play since I never got to see it all. It's also a shame that today was the last showing.)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Poptropica: New Look for Speedy Wing?

As time passes... people change. That goes the same for Poptropicans.

So if you haven't noticed, I --Speedy Wing-- has a new look. It's really different from my previous look but you can kinda tell it's still me.



To be honest, the change seems so realistic. There's the look when I was 11/12 and then there's the look when I'm 14/15... It kinda shows that I'm "older" than my previous look.

So... I guess my look changed a lot but I did keep SOME things the same/similar. I think the newer look matches me though. (Expect change to banner/logo soon!) 

What do you think of my new look? Do you like it or prefer the old one? Comment to tell me!
~Speedy Wing~

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Lindsey Sterling

I love the violin... And there are just some violinists that I love.

Lindsey Sterling is one of my favorites. She is another huge music inspiration for me. I first remembered her from America's Got Talent. Her first live performance was horrible. (I'm sorry.) I think that she was eliminated because the violin was with the actual voice singer and everything. IF she played with background music only, it would have been perfectly fine.

But since those few years, Lindsey has become a HUGE internet sensation. She currently has 43 videos on her channel but she has tons of other songs. She takes the violin to a whole new level... Like taking it to DUBSTEP! Here's my favorite:
It's an original violin dubstep called, Crystallize. I first heard this song during Science. My teacher likes to put techno music on while we work and this song happened to play. I fell in love with it the first time I heard it. ♥ I'm not usually a big fan of dubstep but I think the concept of a classical instrument being put with dubstep background music is great. =)

Here are some other songs I like:
Very upbeat and lively. This original song is just beautiful! Plus, her hip-hop dancing adds a twist to it.

This next one is one of my absolute favorite medleys:
The Phantom of the Opera has been one of my movies/plays so far and I love their music... This medley brings back so many memories! I think video is amazing and it is just like the actual Phantom of the Opera. Way to go!

Next song is a collaboration song for Nicki Minaj's song, Starships:
I think this was a pretty good cover song. I'd rather listen to this than the original... for sure.

Next song is another original violin dubstep:
The music is beautiful. You can really feel different elements being played. This video is one of my favorites because she's "playing with the elements." All the scenery and outfit match the element she's playing. For example, the white breezy dress in an empty land.

Next song is one of my favorite covers:
Thrift Shop by Malcromore has been quite popular recently and I've come to like it. This version was pretty cool... especially with the violin solo. I guess anything can be played with the violin!

This last song is a collaboration with The Piano Guys (which I talked about here):
I love Mission: Impossible and this video and song collaboration was amazing! What can I say? It's three great musicians coming together to perform!

Those were just a few of my favorite songs. You can always check out more of Lindsey's songs on YouTube with more scenery, amazing violin playing, and crazy hip-hop moves.

There are so many musicians on YouTube... it's amazing! Lindsey has inspired me a lot and I hope she inspired you too!

♥Petpet, your music-loving blogger

P.S. Please support Lindsey by buying her album and songs on iTunes, subscribing to her on YouTube, following her on Facebook/Twitter, and maybe even check out her tour!

*All videos belong to Lindsey Sterling. This post was to share the love of amazing music.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Day of Love

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

From my love to you, I give you... COOKIES.

They aren't real... but still. =D

Anyways, I had a pretty good Valentine's Day. Not that I did much... Since I don't have a boyfriend, but friends are great too.

Speaking of friends, I feel so horrible! A whole bunch of people gave me Valentines/candy/sweets, and I didn't give them anything! I feel like an awful person now because these friends deserve something sweet. >.< Now I have that guilt ever time I eat the candy. 

But these people I've met are the sweetest. I mean, look at this pic!:
That rose? It was probably the nicest Valentine I've received so far. No, it's not from a secret admirer. It's from a special duo. At our school, we have Valentine Grams (which are basically "you order, we deliver") and I happened to get one. It was from "Force of Habit & Hershey" (Sorry Nom, I told you wrong.) which was none other than my guy friends, Dan and Jake. They ordered every one of their gal friends a rose. I thought that was so sweet! It must have cost them a fortune to get that many roses! (I am going to miss them so much when we depart for 9th grade. ;_;)

The cupcake was made by my friend, Taylor (the girl). It's so cute that I had to take a picture before I devoured it. (It was super yummy.) I also received a whole bunch of candy and chocolate from my other friends. (That's where all the guilt came in. >.<)

To be honest, I never really liked Valentine's Day because there's just people getting high off of sugar and couples everywhere. Maybe when I'm in high school I might like Valentine's Day more but for now, I'll just have to enjoy the candy.

It's such an unhealthy diet but...

Anyways, I hope you had a great day with your special someone!
If not, I hope you had a good day of stuffing yourself with candy!

♥Petpet, who is missing someone special... while eating chocolate.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Lunar New Year 2013

Happy Lunar New Year, everyone! (Also known as Chinese New Year.) 2013 is the year of the snake so that means that you'll need steady progress and attention to detail. So focus and discipline will be necessary for you to achieve your goals!
I've been so excited for this day to come (it's one of my favorite holidays) but the preparation has been gruesome. Last week, we had to go to temple to thank the Gods (Buddha, Quan-Yin, etc.) for granting our prays and giving us a good year.

Then for the rest of the week, we cleaned the house and bought things we needed for the New Year. (Most of the things we bought was food though.)

FUN FACT: When the new year comes, it is best for the house to be clean as if the house was new. It's also the time when people get new clothes. ^^

On the day before New Years (yesterday), we had to pray that god will keep us healthy, safe, and bring a good year. We also had a good feast of foods that are to bring good things in the upcoming year. Then, later at night, we went to 3 different temples to pray for the new year and receive red envelopes and more fruit.

We don't usually go out to the temples but this year, it was crucial for my mom to. Why? Well, it's the year of the snake and my mom's Chinese Zodiac is a snake. When the year is your zodiac, you are going to have tougher luck. Next year is crucial too (because it's my dad's year.)

Anyways, our trip to the temples was interesting. The weather was not good at all. It was snowing for most of the day and also most of the night. It wasn't too heavy but it was still snow. The snow made driving really slow and it was a very hazardous trip. We were gone for about 3-4 hours at night in snow. Let me tell ya, in times like this, you've got to expect a few car crashes, slick roads, and even drifters. In less than an hour of our car ride, we saw one car turn 260 degrees. It was pretty scary to watch. Luckily, the driver didn't crash into anything and there weren't many cars around. Then, on the highway, there was a total of 5 cars on the side that seemed to have crashed. Later, we also saw a car crash occur at an intersection. It was small but it was still a car crash.

The third temple was probably the best visit out of all of them because we actually did something that was worth remembering. We arrived at 11:06 PM and the ceremony was already starting. This was a Vietnamese Temple so I couldn't understand a single word they said. What they did was recite from the "bible" and the people had to stand there as they recited. I managed to go through it all the way without tiring but I almost fell asleep (It was almost 11:30 at that point.) Luckily, there was a really loud drum and gongs to wake me up near the end of the ceremony! Plus, there was firecrackers and fireworks (scaring away the old year) to get my energy up!

We didn't get home until about one o'clock but it was worth the long trip.
It was a very long day but I'm so pumped for the year of the snake! Gong Hay Fat Choy!

Pictures belong to rightful owners

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Digital Artwork!

So, before I start sharing my artwork, I probably should just explain why I'm doing this at such a random time...

 I've been having blogging block (is that a thing?) It's basically "writer's block" but... with blogging. I JUST HAVE NOTHING TO BLOG ABOUT... Okay, not true. I have TONS of things to blog about but I totally forget when I go to the computer... Basically what I'm saying is that I didn't know what to blog about so I'm gonna blog about my artwork in Commercial Art!

So... Yup! Here we go!

I might have posted this picture before but it's one of the first projects we did and it was a favourite of mine. Can you tell what it says?

This one is pretty basic. It's an advertisement about anything you want. I chose to do a zoo (since I recently went to one before the project.) I just didn't have enough pictures.

Okay, this one took me awhile to figure out. It's supposed to be a surrealistic picture... And in a way, it is. Pretty cool though, right? It tells a story.... but how do YOU interpret this picture?

This is a drawing from class and I had to digitally color it. Turned out pretty well... Except for some shading.

This was our final project. It was really fun to do. What we had to do was design a video game concept. I thought of creating a RPG game called "Royal Knight Online." Basically what you do is try to become the greatest knight of a kingdom you chose at the beginning of the game. The picture is a battle scene (photo edited background, drawn/colored characters.) It's just a rough idea but I'm proud of it.

Two random doodles I created during class. One's a swan and I don't know the other...

So... Yeah. That's most of them! Best part is, we actually get a colored and professionally printed book of our artwork! We had to assemble the book ourselves but... It's still amazing! I can't wait to get it.

Which is your favorite? Comment to tell me!
♥Petpet, your artist...?

*All artwork belongs to Petpet;

Friday, February 1, 2013

2013 is off to a good start...

So... It's February! Time goes too fast when you are having fun.

January was such a blur. I think the biggest blur was these past 2 weeks though.

So much happens at this school... And I enjoy a lot of it. In case you don't know, I have crazy friends (which I love) and every moment spent with them has been amazingly crazy. (I've been a lot more outgoing now because of them.) Anyways, I'll start the craziness...

•A conversation among a few of us and it about a person from India driving and all he cares about is his curry.

Computer Tech
•Two guys (that are my friends) started "beating each other" for no apparent reason. They are close friends though... So it's okay.

•A guy (who is slowly becoming my friend) insulted about 5 girls in less then 5 minutes without even thinking.
•The same guy scarred my friend with creepy annoying thoughts.
•The EXACT same guy above, made out with himself (if you know what I mean) in my teacher's closet when she was out. It was later planned to let her come into the room, with him doing that. It was hilarious... And she's strict but has a great sense of humor.
•Some boys started a stupid game. (More on that later.)
•Read the Odyssey and some guys started to put the gory thoughts into "Br's" mind. (She doesn't like the thoughts.)

•We had a lockdown drill yesterday and before the drill, we talked about it. When we first did, a kid named 'K' started to go crazy and started making a mess of things. (He does try to get attention.)
•During the lockdown drill (in the middle of our math test), we were anything BUT silent. Instead, a whole bunch of boys were holding scissors in their hands. Greatest part was when our school president/friend started to protect himself by creating a fort with boxes. If it were a real lockdown, he would probably be the only safe one.

•We've been working on a big project about South America. We've had about 3 weeks to prepare it and a few boys didn't and they wanted to do a "puppet" show. It was a complete fail but it was HILARIOUS! Sad thing is, I now know that everything innocent is out of me. Their skit was pretty much unrehearsed and it was so dirty (well, the way they said it along with dirty minds.) It was freaking long too! Just a side note... If you ever say you visited Lake Titicaca, don't say you saw caca. That's just... No.

Peer Leadership
•We had to create a skit for our assembly and the theme was to think "outside of the box." So, for most of the class period, we had to create box-heads. You can never take people seriously when they have a box on their heads.
•A whole hour of just talk for our group because our presentation got moved back (long story.) But, talking is great... And it's even better after you've been productive.
•We never had a real inauguration for our president and Vice President so we had one today. To be honest, it was a combination of inauguration, knighthood, marriage, and a whole bunch of things. (They had to swear on the dictionary instead of the bible.) Either way, it was HILARIOUS because your knighthood... was from a ruler and the oath they made was completely thought from the top of your head.

Yup... That just goes to show how productive everyone is! It even shows how much of a blast I have before I leave the school in 4 months. I'm excited but yet sad at the same time.

Hopefully the rest of the year will be a huge blast.

Our school president thinking "Inside the Box."
P.S. I forgot to add this but another thing that made January great was boys being super stupid. Some guys made a competition to see who hit other people's groin the most. So... It's basically like laser tag but with physical... I'm not even gonna go there. But seriously guys, stop being so stupid and doing such a stupid game.
Singing Hatsune Miku