Monday, August 15, 2011

Book Review #3: Ever

I have just recently finished reading Ever by Gail Carson Levine. This book is about how a god named Olus falls in love for a mortal named Kezi. They soon meet each other and fall madly in love but Kezi is soon to die. She has to find a way to stay alive and be with her love. The god has to help her survive by trying to over come fears.

I really liked this book because it talks a lot about bravery and it has a unique tale. I recommend this book for teens that can handle romance and adventure. This book was one that I could not put down!! (Which doesn't happen a lot.)

Here's the description in the book:
Falling in love is easy..... even for Kezi, though she knows her days are numbered. And head-over-heels, come-what-may love is inevitable if her heart's desire is Olus, the Akkan god of the winds. But accepting death is hared, especially when romance is new. Love brings Kezi the will to fight her fate. Love gives Olus the strength to confront his fears. She questions her faith and seeks truth in dark places. He suffers a god's trial when she needs a champion. Together-- and apart-- they encounter spiders with webs of iron, the cruel lord of the land of the dead, the mysterious god of destiny, and the tests of the Akkan gods. If they succeed, they will be together; but if they fail, Olus will have to endure the ultimate loss, and Kezi will have to make the supreme sacrifice.

Gail Carson Levine has been writing for all her life. She's written many books and even got a Newbery Honor award for Ella Enchanted. She's also written princess princess tale books (which I've read.) You can visit her website at

I need more book reviews!! Please comment and tell me some of your favorite books and I might feature it in the next book review!!


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