Monday, October 8, 2012

Eh, Macarena!

I have such wonderful friends. Period.

This time, I'm talking about my friends at school (although all my internet buddies are wonderful too. ^^) So... story time!

As you probably know, during lunch break, I like to bump the volleyball around with a big group of friends. Well, since my finger is completely brusied and black (I'll tell you more later,) I haven't been able to play volleyball. Rather, I just stood there and looked pretty. Well, so were a whole bunch of my other friends! (They can play but usually don't.) So, our brilliantly quite friend, Mer, thought that we should do the Macarena in the middle of the school field! (I wasn't there at that time, FYI.) So, 5-ish people started doing the Macarena and soon, more people join. Once it got up to about 15 people, my friend and I that were at the volleyball group started joining them! We did this until we had to go inside. During the whole time though, 20+ of us danced while about 5 people gave us looks... and kinda became a papparazi...

Ends up, we had a ton of fun and got some attention. Now, this is in the middle of a school field full of middle schoolers. I wonder what would happen if we did this in the mall or something... Anyways, it was super cool being able to dance and be wild.

So, time to do the macarena! (Ignore the welcome part please...)
(Please remember. This song is from 1996... So it's odd.)
It's quite a simple dance really and, you don't have to have the music to do it! You just need the rhythm. Well, that's my great story of the week. (I have more but, they aren't as great.)

Now, one question, if you saw this happening anywhere (school, park, mall, on the street...) would you join?
CREDIT FOR PICTURE: secondgryphon from Photobucket
Video belongs to owner.

P.S. About my finger... I "jammed" it during flag footbal and I had a hard time moving it around for a whole week. It's better now but, it sucked. I'm just thankful it was my jammed on my left hand, not my right. (Writing would be so difficult.)

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  1. It's me Short Leopard. I remember in the fourth grade, I had to dance to this song. It was SOOOOOO embarrassing.....


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