Saturday, September 29, 2012

Book Review #10: The Hunger Games Triology

Since this is my 10th book review... I decided to do something special that practically everyone knows about! This book review is about Suzanne Collins' famous series... The Hunger Games Triology. As most of you know, HP Fan has once posted about the Hunger Games in one of her "HPF Books." I'll be featuring more on the Triology.
Hunger Games Triology
(Picture Credit goes to owner)

This triology is recommended for young adults who want a sense of adventure and science fiction. It involves some romance, brutal death scenes, and horrific descriptions.

Now, imagine if the United States turned into a completely new places, known as Panem... a country where dictatorship rules and where if you aren't from the Capitol, you suffer. Well, Katniss, a young girl, lives in the worse part of Panem, District 12. There are 12 different districts that provide the Capitol different needs. Of course, this type of dicatorship was unfair and years before, the Districts had a rebellion. It failed and resulted in the creation of The Hunger Games.

As a reminder to the Districts about the rebellion, each year, they host the Hunger Games where 1 boy and 1 girl shall be a tribute and enter a game of death... Katniss has no idea what she got herself into but was it fate that she entered Panem or bad luck? Either way, the Odds were not in her favor...

I loved this triology but my favorite book of it has to be the first one, The Hunger Games. I guess it's because as the books went on, I missed the first story of how Katniss entered into the mess. There are times in the triology where I did not expect things to happen, though! If you haven't read the triology, I recommend you give it a try!

Anyways, Happy Reading!

Crow Song

Okay. This is totally random but I just wanted to share a song that I love and inspires me. Some of you anime fans probably have probably heard this song before. It's called Crow Song and ever since I heard it, I love it.
It's from the anime, Angel Beats, and it's in Japanese (go figure) but the meaning behind those lyrics are amazing! Here's the English literal translation:

There's a wall of shutters behind me.
My fingertips smell like steel.
Move ahead! Strum those strings! It's crowded, at any rate.
Find a way from here.
You'll find what you're looking for.
Let's rock out and play on.
Gaze into the distance
Inside this city where you can't even take a breather.

The starry sky is the best stage of them all.
The crows cry out, "Caw, caw," above me.
I'm always thinking of them. I wonder when they'll go to sleep.
Find a way - I will too,
In a song for me to sing out.
Rock out and let it echo.
With the crows, I'll sing out

How long will I exist in this place?
I feel like there were people who once said that.
If you're only going to say annoying things,
Let the jet black wings carry you away and just disappear.

With all my power, I'm about to collapse.
My fingers are worn out and in pain,
But, still, I'll perform. Tonight will be a big story.
Find a way from here.
You'll find what you're looking for.
Let's rock out and play on.
I'll take my luck and sing it out.

No matter how long, I'll exist here
Within all the people who pass through.
On this stage enclosed in the darkness,
I sing my poem of hope right now.
Even you must also be tired.
I want to send this to that back of yours -
From within the pitch darkness,
The song of light that gleams with hope...
Yes, that song...

-Crow Song by Girls Dead Monster

As you can tell, it's really poetic but, it means a lot, especially to a musician. Just remember to keep moving on and fly on! ♥

Lyric translation credits go to
Picture & Video credits to Owner

Friday, September 28, 2012

Gangnam Style!

Have you heard...? It's time to.... GANGNAM STYLE!
Event the pony is doing it! What are you waiting for!... Oh wait, I didn't tell you how to do it. First, I'll tell you more about it first.

Gangnam Style music video was released on July 15th, 2012, and it is the #1 Video on Youtube. (It currently has +303,000,000 views and still counting!) It has surpassed Carly Rae Jepsen's Call Me Maybe music video in less than 3 months! The song is by a Korean artist named PSY (pronounced "Sigh") and after a 2 year break, he's back at the top! Well, since he's Korean, this song is K-Pop but it is one of the best I've ever heard.

Check out the video yourself! Warning! It is not appropriate for kids! (PG-13)
It's a pretty awkward and funny video... but those dance moves are sweet. Gangnam Style is over SWAG now. Okay, so now it's time to do it... Pretty simple really:

So... Start Gangnam Styling!
♥ Your Stylin' Hostess, Petpet

↓P.S. More Gangnam Style pictures

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Busy Days and Lots to Say!


*bows* Sorry for not posting for so long (like 13 days...)!
From Clannad
As you can probably guess, I've been really busy with, what else? SCHOOLWORK. It's not only that but also piano and... other fun stuff.

*cough cough* Anyways, how's your day?
My day was quite...boring. The only upside was that it was a short day (early release) and a long weekend! =D Reason? Parent-teacher conferences. I honestly don't really care for them because I get all A's and that's pretty much all my parents care about. They just get to meet all 8 of my teachers... again, and see what I do. Other than that, bleh. Since I'm always doing everything, the teachers only have positive things to say for me... So I end up hearing the same things over and over again. For me, conferences are pretty boring.

The school day went fast though... but I still have tons of homework to do on the long weekends. >.<
So, if you haven't noticed already, I've been changing my logo around (again.) The current one I have (as shown below) is changed from my one before. The headphones are different and I also have a Poptropican Buddy! (More detail later...) So, I just basically put the 2 together but, Busy Seagull said seems confusing... So I'll have to try working on it again. =3
Now about my Poptropican Buddy... if you didn't follow "Speedy Wing's Hideout" before, you probably wouldn't know about Busy Seagull! Well, Busy Seagull Captain Busy Seagull is a very good friend of mine and I offered him to help me run the Hideout. Of course, he did. So, Cpt. Busy Seagull is an official writer here! I promise you will like him! Click here to see my meeting with The Captain!

Until next time!

P.S. I've been giving some thought lately... but should I do something special to incorporate Anime into this blog? (Like a review, edits, etc.) Comment below to tell me what you think! You can offer suggestions too!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Poptropica: Evil Shall Rule

It's official. I, Speedy Wing, will be taking an expedition so deadly, it may haunt me for the rest of my life. What will I do exactly? I shall go explore the minds of the greatest villains of Poptropica.

Sorry I haven't visited the hideout much. I've been busy on a... Mission. Anyways, just recently I've been asked to take another special mission. It seems that they have built a new island to lock up all Super Villains, which includes some of my greatest my arch enemies...

Such as Mr. Binary Bard, the most evil villain of all Poptropica. It took me many months to track him down during my stay at Astro Knights. I eventually found the princess he captured; Then there's Ms. Black Widow, an evil mastermind. She stole many paintings and counterfeited them in France. She even framed me once! Too bad her life ended for in prison; Dr. Hare, a sneaky rabbit. (Well, Busy Seagull later told me that he was a crazed doctor from an experiment went wrong but... I still think he's a rabbit.) I remember leaving him somewhere far far away but apparently, they found him and locked him up in this prison. Hopefully he doesn't hate me for destroying his rabbot when I visit him; Then there's also Captain Crawfish, Cpt. Seagull's enemy and also mine. (Very long story.) I just hope he doesn't remember me... Which he probably will...

So, I'll be going into their minds to find out their evil ways. I know that I'm good but what if I go into their minds and end up turning evil?! The name of Speedy Wing will be known but for bad! :o I don't want that to happen. >.< Maybe going to it is a bad idea... Ooh. Maybe I can bring a friend with me?! That way, it won't be as scary!

Either way... Evil shall NOT rule. Not here at the hideout anyways.
~Speedy Wing~

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Red Rover

I told you that I was a child at heart, right? Well, so are my friends!

After 15 minutes of lunch, they allow the middle school to go outside and move around (so it's recess!) Well, whenever we go outside, we either bump a volleyball around, chat, or play games from our childhood.

While others are playing basketball, soccer, frisbee, or chatting, we play childish games and the are 9th graders, the oldest kids of our school! Honestly, I'm not ashamed of playing these games because it's nothing to be ashamed of! These are games you played as a child and you can always play these games no matter the age. We are not stupid (in fact, half of us are honor students.) We are just crazy.

Anyways, when we didn't have a volleyball, we played Red Rover. It's a game where you have two groups. Everyone holds hands and gets into a line with their group. Then, one of the groups get to call over a person from the other group but they have to say a special line first which is... "Red Rover, Red Rover, send [insert name] right over!" Then, whoever they call has to try and break through the linked hands. If they can't break it, they join the other group. If they break through though, that chosen person gets to choose a person from the other group and take them back to their group. Kinda confusing if you never played it but, that's the best I can explain in words.
Image from Wikipedia
So, we were playing it outside since boredom got to us. We had about 10-15 people playing since that's the number of people we usually sit by at lunch. So, we all started playing and had a bunch of fun as friends playing together. It was kinda unfair how most of the guys would run through and break it through our hands since they are so strong.

I did have an awkward moment while playing though... Well, I got called, didn't break through and decided to squeeze in between one of my friends (a girl) and another friend (whom was a guy. I'll just refer to him as "J.") So, when I squeezed in, "J" got distracted and my other friend (a guy) decided to trade spots to link with me. "J" noticed and kinda started to bicker about it but, they didn't make a huge deal about it. I just thought it was weird because I don't think "J" really liked me since I was so quite... And since when did guys want to hold my hands so badly??

Anyways, I just wanted to share that story with you and tell you about me and my crazy/childish life.
See ya around!

(P.S. Comment below if you play childhood games with your friends and share your story!)
Singing Hatsune Miku