Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Let the Leash Off

This is a poem that I wrote:

Let the Leash Off
By: Petpet

Let the leash go
 I want to run free
Just leave it for a minute
Maybe I'll catch a bee.

Let the leash go
You know I'll come back
I will be safe and love you when I come
If someone tries to take me away, I'll attack.

Let the leash go
You have kept me trap
Let me out for a day to explore
When I come home, you can finally take a nap.

Let the leash go
This will be a huge step but I'm tamed
I won't run crazy with freedom
To me, this won't be a game.

Let the leash go
I love you
But you need to trust me
Just let me go and you'll love me too.

(Do NOT claim this work as your own because I will hunt you down! If you'd like to use it for something and give me credit, comment below and tell me that.)

1 comment:

  1. Inlove With Nature
    Three clouds are passing by
    In a clear,blue sky.
    I see a tree over there,
    And grass that I could see everywhere.

    Chirping of birds I can hear,
    I can see green mountains very clear.
    Sweet and healthy fruits from the trees
    Keeps me from a disease.

    I don’t know if people still care.
    They become greedy and unaware.
    You will lose all the nature someday,
    So take care of them right away!


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