Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ultimate Phantom Snails and Fashion!!

Sorry for the weird title but that's what I'm going to be talking about today. So I just recently had a poll before school started. These are the results:

What would you want to see more of in Petpet's Room?
More about Petpet's life 3
More about Petpet's style 4
More book reviews 3
More about TV shows Petpet watches 1
More of Petpet's school relationship 2
Other 3

So now I might do some more of my fashion tips and things about a girl's fashion. Anyways, I bet some of you would like to know about my 2nd day of school. Here's how it went.....

I started off with science with my teacher, Mr. C. Our class was some-what big but we have a lot of talkers so we barely got everything done. At one point, a guy in my talked about eating snails which was gross. I've tried it before and I didn't like it one bit.

Next was math. I wasn't excited about that at all!! It went on forever but then it was lunch. One of my favorite times at school. Then came my favorite class of the day. Guitar!! I love playing guitar even if I just started last year. I love music, so I love guitar. Klik hier voor meer gratis plaatjesThis year my teacher decided that we would be doing Guitar 1 and Guitar 2. I'm in Guitar 2, (that means it's the more advanced.) We have a concert every season at the school and each time there's a different theme. For the fall concert, we are doing Halloween things and this year is all from Phantom of the Opera! I have never watched it but I want to someday. Last year we did Thriller Theme from Micheal Jackson. It was really fun and I'm really hoping to Phantom of the Opera.

Last class of the day was gym. We had to play ultimate frisbee. Most of us already knew how to play from last year so it was kinda easy. I was all sore from it on Friday since I don't excersise very much during the summer. (Don't tell my gym teacher that!!)

Well, what did you think of my day and what kinda style tips would you want from me??


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