Sunday, July 24, 2011

Jump Ropes.... Using Rubber Bands?!

We use rubber bands all the time. For wrapping things, collecting, and sometimes even slingshots. Have you ever thought that rubber bands could make jump ropes?? Well it's true! You can.

I never thought that it was possible but it is! My parents taught me how to do this. When they were younger, they lived in Vietnam and they had to learn how make their own toys. One of the toys is the jump rope made of rubber bands. They just build a chain of rubber bands over and over to create a rope. It takes some time to get the technique down but it's really fun to do. Here's how they look:

12' Jump Rope and Rubber Band Jump Rope

8' Jump Rope and Rubber Band Jump Rope

It was really fun spending an hour making jump ropes. It's a lot of rubber bands to make it but it was fun. I made the rope on the right while my parents made the one on the left. As you can see, theirs was really long. It's more than 12 feet long!

To get that thick of a rope, we had to use 5 rubber bands for every loop. My rope contains about 440 rubber bands while the other one had about 500 rubber bands!! It's a lot of rubber bands. Probably more rubber bands than a rubber band ball.

If you want to know how to make a rubber band jump rope, comment below that you do and I might post how!

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