Monday, May 20, 2013


There are some days where you just have to cry...

Not because you are weak, but you are strong for too long. There will always be a time when you break. A time when you can no longer stay strong. A time where you have to let all your hate, frustrations, and thoughts out. There will always be a time when you crack.

You have to put on that shell every morning so the public can't see the pain. They can't see what you suffer through each day... or see the downfalls of life. That shell becomes you until there's a day when you can no longer stand it and you just cry... You cry because you hate the people in life. You cry because of how unfair your life is.... But after crying until you have no more tears, your shell is back and stronger. You put up with the unfairness and the people you hate and carry your shell.

Only true friends can see when you crack. You might not let them see the tears that you cry but they can see when you've had enough and when you just need to let the emotions out... Because you know you can't lie to them.

So if you ever need to cry yourself to sleep... Do it. You've been strong for too long so cry for an hour and become strong again. Don't let it crack too often... but don't hold that shell forever. If you do, you'll crack and it's almost impossible to repair.

Remember, even the strongest cry.


  1. Aw...this is an amazing post. Something I don't like about crying is my mom's always in my face saying "What's wrong?" But sometimes nothing's wrong, I just need to CRY!

  2. omfg

    this is soo true.

    Like totally me.


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