Thursday, September 1, 2011

Logo Contest

Hi everyone. As many of you know, I've made a new logo and had a poll on it. Well, I decided that I might make a couple of changes to it but I couldn't find the background!! So now I'm stuck with bad wording and I don't want that.

That's why I'm creating Petpet's Room First Contest ever! Yep. So here's what you have to do: find a background that would go good for the logo and look nice. Here's the requirements:

1) Find a background that you think would look good for the top of the page and every time you come in my room. Background has to be....
  • Appropriate
  • Colorful or a main color
  • Creative
  • Large size or a picture that can repeat
  • NO copyrighted items
2) Once you find your background, e-mail it to me. My e-mail is Just title it 'logo contest' then attach your background. If you got it off a website and don't know how to attach, then just put the link down. MAKE SURE I CAN EDIT THE PICTURE IF I SAVE IT. If I can't, that background will be eliminated from the contest.

3) You can only enter up to 4 backgrounds. That means, on 1 e-mail, you may attach 4 backgrounds but no more.

The winner will either get author permission or I will figure something out for them. More info on author permission is coming soon.

Deadline: September 16, 2011
Announcement of winner: No later than September 23 depending on how many entries.

Good luck!!

1 comment:

  1. Hey there! I'll enter the contest. So I'll email you the background now. C:


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