Monday, August 22, 2011

Petpet for Vice President!

You arrive on a street and you see a newsboy is walking on the street. "Extra! Extra! Read all about it. Petpet running for vice president!"
You arrive at a news room with reporters everywhere and Petpet at a stand. She just finished her speech. "Any questions from the reporters?"
Reporter askes, "What are you running for Miss Petpet?!"
"I'm running for vice president on for my Guitar 2 class."
"Why do you have a president, vice president, etc. for guitar class?"
"It's because my teacher wants to have a student in charge if she's gone for the day."
Another reporter blurted, "Why should people vote you for VP?!?!"
"I just made that speech! Weren't you listening? Anyways, no more questions for today."
Reporters just keep asking questions.
Hi everyone. That was just kinda a dialouge of how a really big election would have been like if I was running for vice president but most of it was true. I did run for vice president for guitar class. It's a big deal to have to job of VP but a bigger job for President. Anyways, I had to make a speech in front of the class so that they can decide who they want running the class. (It was in front of 13-14 people so it wasn't that bad.) I was competing with one of my friends and another one of my friends got the job of President. The election happened right after the speech and guess who won?! It was...... *drumroll.* my friend! JK. It was me!! So now I'm VP for guitar 2 and my friend is President. Isn't that just perfect?

It's a big responsiblity so I better get to work. See ya!

♥ Vice President, Petpet.

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