Thursday, November 24, 2011

Christmas is coming!

Today the 24th of november we decided to set up our decorations for Christmas, including the tree (Today is also Thanksgiving ). So these are some of our (a.k.a our as in Petpet and me) FAVORITE ordaments!!

MY FAVE! Minnies!! Which one would be your favorate??

minnie baby, minnie, or my fave bear??

~♥Shiny sun. Hannah bunny♥~

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Hey everyone. This is just a test to see if Xat chat works here so that way, we can always chat here in the room! If it doesn't work, please comment so I know. Remember, this is just a test to see how it works out!

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If that doesn't work, try this one:

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Book Review #5: Serpent Tide

I've read this book awhile ago but never got the chance to review it yet! Well, here it is!

Serpent Tide is definitely one of my absolute favorites! It's a huge adventure. It's mainly about a boy... oh! I shouldn't spoil it. Well, this book has mostly adventure, mystery, and romance. Who knew what could happen to one of the richest boys in the world?

The main character is Wesley. His mother is very rich and very protective of Wesley, but all he ever wants is to have an adventure and be just like his role model, The Snake Stalker. One day, he finds something that could change his life forever.

This book is recommended for mostly teens or those that can handle romance and violence. The author, K.L. Fogg is an amazing writer! She knows so much about snakes and has a huge imagination. I don't know how she could write books like that but I loved it! If you want to know more about the book, you can visit her website:

Hope you like it!

Snow, candy, and cookies!

Happy November everyone! Sorry that I have not been posting. It's always school work and music that interferes with my blogging. Today was the first snow day of the winter! I'm not too ecstatic but it's pretty.

First off, I went trick-or-treating on Monday, 31st! It was really fun and this year, we actually got to go for an hour since the weather wasn't that bad. (Last year it was raining.) I got a lot of candy and I still have tons to eat now. We hitted about 50-ish houses and got 94 candies. Hope I don't get a sugar rush!!

If you didn't know, I will be going to the music festival in Anaheim, California in March. It's going to be a blast but each one of us has to earn $550! That's a whole lot of money to raise so we are doing HUGE fundraisers. We are selling some CDs and DVDs for our concerts and it' been pretty stressing. Well, today, we did a "yard sale." I wanted to help so I had to wake-up early and go to school on a Saturday. It was still snowing at that time... but it's didn't bother me. Most of the time, I had to stand outside and hold signs up about the yard sale. It was really fun... and we probably got like, 30 customers! I don't know how much money we raised though....

Math.... I normally don't like it but on Friday (yesterday) I had to go to a friend's house to film a video about how to solve a math problem. It took 4 hours to do but it was really fun! We even got to make cookies! (Now my profile on a certain forum is all cookie-fied!....I don't know if that's a word.)

P.S. I'll be starting a "word of the week" really soon! It's good to expand your vocabulary!
Singing Hatsune Miku