Friday, October 21, 2011

Penguins go trick-or-treating!!

Halloween is coming just right around the corner and it seems like online worlds are getting ready for the spooky holiday of the year! Well, I'm going to feature something for Club Penguin! Introducing, DJ Danceclub103's adventures!
I think you remember her from the Adventure Quest. Well, she is now going to be part of the room when Club Penguin has a fun little party (I love the parties and they are way fun.) Alright! Let's start the Halloween Party penguins!!

This year, Club Penguin went ALL out with decorating. Almost every single room has been decorated and it's so spooky! I always love to have some snapshots of my time in the party so here's some. (Click the picture if you can't see it well.)

That was a shocker!

There will always be a party with DJ Danclub!

Pumpkin Picking at the dock

Yikes! Unexpcted!

Trick-or-treating at the snow forts!!
I had so much fun once again! If you can tell, some of the pictures have ghosts. You can pick one up at the haunted house and it's for everyone! (Go to Forest and it will lead you to the Haunted house.) Then, don't miss the scavenger hunt! Find the candy ghosts and get a prize! Also, don't forget to watch the "Night of the Living Sled."

Alright, Waddle on Penguins!
*DJ Danceclub103*

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