Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Stop Hating on Vocaloid!

I have been listening to Vocaloid a lot this week because... well, I'm just tired of the same old songs being played.

I know some people don't like the fact that people (like myself) listen to computer voices. I always thought that Vocaloid isn't bad but I shouldn't get too used to it but then I saw at two amazing comments:

    • pinkpetalpearl 
      people say that vocaloid is stupid because the singers are fake and computer made.i say that the English they listen to is auto-tuned as crap
  • ocwkuro 
    we have computers that sound halfway human, we have humans that sound halfway computer in the end there is no difference in what they sound like
    personally, I have more respect for the human-sounding computers since it is much harder to do
They are right. :) There's music that's autotuned and music created by computers. 

You have no idea how much I hate autotune. It takes away the human's true voice. Even if the singer is bad, it's better for them to learn to sing better than to use computers to alternate their voice. With auto-tune, it makes the human sound "halfway computer."

Vocaloids are computers that generate human-like voices. It's not a real voice but it's close to one. Sure, it might be wrong to use computers to create human-like voices, but which is more wrong? Using computers to create human voices or using computers to change human voices?

I personally feel that changing the human voice is worse than creating human voice. Why? Well, if you generate, then it gives it a more electronic sound (which is okay because it is a voice of a computer program) but if you alternate it, you are making a real human voice sound electronic, which makes it less natural. 

I've also started to love Vocaloid because the songs are so much better than the pop songs now. Sure, with Vocaloid it's in Japanese but the message/lyrics are so much better than current pop songs. If you read the translation for most of the songs, then you'll see that the songs mean so much more than partying. Plus, the songs are a lot more creative with their messages.

Rolling Girl: One of the best
Vocaloid songs
I mean, Miley Cyrus's "We Can't Stop" is on the top of the charts recently. What is it all about? Partying and doing drugs. I mean, many popular songs are negative influences. (I'm not saying all are.) Then there's Vocaloid, with many songs about suffering and getting back up. They are also about life and how you should enjoy it.

I dunno. I guess there's some things about pop music and Vocaloid that I like and dislike. I really wish haters would at least consider Vocaloid with pop music before opening their mouths. If you listen to some of the Vocaloid songs carefully, you might feel that it's better than normal pop music.

Well, thanks for reading this rant.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Day at the Lake

I am so sore. Why? You might ask.

Well... Let's just say I held on for my dear life for minutes at 20-25 miles per hour on an inflatable tube.... That's right. It went tubing.

Yesterday, it was a special holiday for my state because that's when it first became an official state of America. Like most families, we went to the lake to enjoy ourselves. My uncle has a boat and invited all of the nieces and nephews (so Shiny Sun, my cousins, and I) to go to the lake on their boat. It's a nice boat but it's not as big as my other uncle's, which is just fine. We spent there the entire day. At first, it was cloudy and windy so no one wanted to go on the tube. So, my cousin drove us (he's the same age as me but could drive the boat with an adult watching him.)
 Our tube looked liked this one

Once we could start tubing, guess who had to go on first? This girl. This girl who hasn't been on a boat since she was 9. But this girl is one for adventure. So, I went on the tube first with my cousin-twice-removed. You have no idea how scared I was. I couldn't see anything because I couldn't have my glasses on and I had a hard time getting my grip. My "partner" fell a few times but I never did...

I went on a few times again and never fell off but after 10 minutes of holding on for dear life, I let go due to exhaustion and hurt knees. (My knees were skidding across the water and I couldn't do anything about it!) After the constant bruising, I had to let go and not go back on.

My little sister, Shiny Sun, actually went tubing too. She's a little girl but she can hold on to that thing like me. She kept riding over and over again and never wiped out. Not bad for a first timer. And she was actually having a ton of fun too.

Where all the burning happened
We all had to take turns riding the boat so some of us would be in the picnic area while the others were on the boat. And since there were a ton of teenage boys in our family, what did they do to keep from being bored? They played with fire. They put sticks into the hot charcoal and then pulled out those sticks and burn innocent bugs, write on the cement, or melt things. I swear, they are all pyros.

Either way, I had a lot of fun spending time with my aunts, uncles, and cousins. Boating was fun and so was tubing. Only problem is, I'm sore from holding for my life. At least I work my upper muscles. :P I'm not too happy about the bruised knees though.
♥Your sore Petpet

Tubing picture belongs to rightful owner!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Busy Summer!

I thought I would have plenty of posts this summer... But I haven't posted anything for almost 3 weeks! (Yay me for being so "updated.")

Anyways, I have to apologize for that. I've just been busy with so many different things. And by busy I mean by real life busy.

I know what you are thinking. I have been talking about relaxing over summer since I've been so stressed out all school year. But here I am... Saying that I'm busy. I guess that's a way to know I still have a life other than school.

So what have I been up to when I'm not posting? Well...

Let's start off with parties. Yes. I have been partying with my cousins. (We tend to have a lot of summer birthdays.) It was nice to see my cousins and just hang out with all of them. It was really nice to see my cousins from California though. (They are staying here for the summer.) So I've been to two parties in 2 weeks.

Then for Independence day, we went to Las Vegas for a few days. Let me just say this... NEVER GO TO VEGAS ON A HOLIDAY. It is absolutely impossible to find a parking spot in Caesar's Palace or anywhere in the Vegas Strip. The lines for food is incredibly long and expensive. And there's just people everywhere. Plus, it was super hot outside so that didn't help our mood. Sadly, we missed the fireworks too because it took us forever to get food and park. No fun... Although the pool is refreshing.

Other than that, I've been busy at home. I've been cleaning and organizing a bit (kinda procrastinating on that though.)
I've also been doing a lot of reading. All year, I'm busy studying and such so it's nice to be able to have a lot of time to read as many books as I want to.
I've also had a lot of new piano pieces to learn so a lot of my time has been spent practicing.

Even though it's summer, I still have to keep my mind learning. So what I've been doing is learning vocabulary words to prepare me for SAT/ACT test. I only have one more year to help me prepare for it so I'm doing a bit of studying each day in order to improve... but it's on the Internet so that always distracts me.

So that's my busy summer. Although, I still procrastinate when it comes to cleaning. At least it's not so hot lately due to thunderstorms. (It's rare to have thunderstorms in July.)
♥ The busy Petpet

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Singing Hatsune Miku