Friday, December 23, 2011

Liany's B-day Party

Yesterday, a good friend of mine, Liany B., had a 14th birthday party! She is an amazing person with awesome fashion taste. ;-)

The birthday party was a blast. It was an "all girls" party and to start it off, there was an introduction because some of people were from Liany's old school, ward (church), or from my school. All the intros were interesting in a different way and we all got along. Then we played Family Feud/Jeopardy and the theme was HARRY POTTER. Once I heard that, I knew that I was going to fail, because I never even seen any of the movies or touched one of the books. (HP Fan, I know I'm killing you right now...) Luckily, my friend, Emmalee, is a Harry Potter fan (not the one we have here) so I was safe half the time. We were arguing what her "Professor" name should've been...

We never really finished the game due to interruptions but it was fun while it lasted! Then it was time to eat. There were about 23 girls invited and since their kitchen was kinda small, it was hard for everyone to find a place to eat. After that, it was time to open presents! Her dad was "trying" not to be annoying about taking pictures but when you see your child with so many friends, it's hard to resist. We spent about one to one and half hour opening presents and taking pictures. It was fun to see all the excitement though.

A couple of my schoolmates and I went up to Liany's room to check it out and I LOVED it. The color was a light seagreen blue and it had matching furniture. Then, she had 3 Harry Potter posters hanging on her wall. Then it was time to eat cupcakes (red velvet, my favorite!). I said that she had to make a wish but her wis already came true. She wanted her friends to celebrate her friends to celebrate her birthday with her. Time went by so fast that it was time for the party to end. :-( I met lots of people and had lots of fun though!

Happy 14th Birthday Liany! Luv you! ♥

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