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Book Review #10: The Hunger Games Triology

Since this is my 10th book review... I decided to do something special that practically everyone knows about! This book review is about Suzanne Collins' famous series... The Hunger Games Triology. As most of you know, HP Fan has once posted about the Hunger Games in one of her "HPF Books." I'll be featuring more on the Triology.
Hunger Games Triology
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This triology is recommended for young adults who want a sense of adventure and science fiction. It involves some romance, brutal death scenes, and horrific descriptions.

Now, imagine if the United States turned into a completely new places, known as Panem... a country where dictatorship rules and where if you aren't from the Capitol, you suffer. Well, Katniss, a young girl, lives in the worse part of Panem, District 12. There are 12 different districts that provide the Capitol different needs. Of course, this type of dicatorship was unfair and years before, the Districts had a rebellion. It failed and resulted in the creation of The Hunger Games.

As a reminder to the Districts about the rebellion, each year, they host the Hunger Games where 1 boy and 1 girl shall be a tribute and enter a game of death... Katniss has no idea what she got herself into but was it fate that she entered Panem or bad luck? Either way, the Odds were not in her favor...

I loved this triology but my favorite book of it has to be the first one, The Hunger Games. I guess it's because as the books went on, I missed the first story of how Katniss entered into the mess. There are times in the triology where I did not expect things to happen, though! If you haven't read the triology, I recommend you give it a try!

Anyways, Happy Reading!

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