Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Summer is almost an end.....

Today at 10 AM, I went back to school to get my new locker number, schedule, and rentals. It was kinda good to see the school and hallways again. First, we paid for the rentals. The line was short since it was only a couple of 8th graders. I saw some of my greatest friends. I haven't seen them all summer so it was really nice to see them. Then, I went to get my schedule and locker number. I was kinda excited to see what classes I got. Here's my scheule:

A Day:
1. Spanish
2. US History
3. English
4. Journalism

B Day:
1. Science
2. Math 8 Honors
3. Guitar
4. PE

I was pretty satisfied with my schedule. A Day would be more of what I call a 'language' day. B Day would be a 'fun' day. I'm kinda excited to see who are in my class. I know that some friends are in the same class as me.

Lockers: I got a bottom locker again. It's not that bad but I'm near the same people again, it's just a different area. I can't and can wait until school. Just because I'm in school, doesn't mean I won't blog!! See ya around.


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