Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Labs in Science

Hi everyone! I'm very sorry that I haven't posted much but of course, school work. Well, if you didn't know, my first class of every other day is science and boy, what a class to start the day!! I love science and want an occupation that will involve the use of science. I have an amazing teacher and he is perfect for teaching science in a fun way!

Well, these couple of weeks, we've been doing labs. The first one of the week was about cabbages. We would get the juice out of red cabbage out. (I don't know why it's called red cabbage even if it looks purple!) Then we would have different acids and base to mix the juice with. If it was an acid, the juice would turn pink but if it was a base, it would turn a blue or green. It was really fun to do and I had a blast doing it! The whole point was that you had to see what is an acid or base and what kind of chemical reaction it creates.

My next lab was also about chemical change but more of a mystery. We had to find what the "Mystery substance" was. First we would have to observe the different powders and mystery. Then we see what they would all do with water, acid, heat, and iodine. This was actually a really fun one to do. I would tell you what the mystery substance is but I decided not to.

Well, tomorrow I have science again! (YAY!!) I stopped by his room today and saw a 'bank robbery' worksheet. I guess it's time to see what some bank robbers did! It's time to track 'em down!
Student-Led Conferences.....
I really hate student-led conferences. They are very boring and it's just horrible for most teachers. You come back to school at the end of the day and your parents and teacher talk about how you are doing in school. (I never cause any trouble so I don't need to worry about that!) I have mine tomorrow and boy! I am looking forward to them! (That was sarcasm.) I just wanted to let you know about them because they are a pain for everyone.

Ta ta!!

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