Friday, December 2, 2011

1, 2, Cha-cha-cha!

Hey everyone. I am so sorry for not posting in my room. I'm a busy person.

Anyways, Happy December! It's that wonderful time of year again. I know this is kinda religious but I celebrate Christmas even if I'm not Christan. That's because I just like the holiday and it's hard to resist not talking about it when everyone is. We've got all of our Christmas decorations up now and I love it! :)

For those of you that don't know, I'm not a dancer. I have the flexibility and ability become one but I just choose not to. My last class of the day, Physical Education, is very big. We have about 28+ students in our class and it's really hard to keep everyone under control. According to my gym (P.E.) teacher, many of us "dance" during class instead of playing the game so, we are doing a dance unit. Yesterday was my second class doing dance and of course, we had to do cha-cha.

One of my friends had to teach the whole class how to do it. We all got paired up and I tell you, most of us were not excited with our partners! (If was just a bit taller, I might have been with someone I liked...) I got paired up with a guy who did ballroom before and I would never have thought that he was a dancer. The dance is actually pretty basic and kinda fun. This was my first time learning and not to brag but my partner and I did the best out of everyone. :P Maybe I'm not a dancer but I'm definitely a natural learner!

You should totally try the Cha-cha someday. It's really fun and it's a workout. Don't worry if you can't dance because you will after some practice! Well, see you around the room!

♥ Petpet

P.S. Speaking of P.E., I have tons of friends and one of my best friends made up a thing. Her favorite word of the day was "Really." "Really?.... Really?.... Omigosh! Really?!" That was our thing for the beginning of class. Next time, try that with one of your friends when they make a comment!

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  1. PetPet, how can we see your Poptropica Avatar? i really really really want to see it!!!:)


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