Sunday, August 26, 2012

Laughs and Terror on First Week

Well, this was my first week of 9th grade! ^o^

Let me tell ya, there was some exciting stuff going on this year. Since I'm in 9th grade, that means I'm the "Seniors" of our school! (I go to a K-9 school.) But, this year is gonna be tough since now everyone is looking up to us and we have to make sure our grades count.

So, let's get started. This year, I am so excited because I have at least 4 friends in every class! That's rare for me last year. Plus, majority of my schedule is similar to my friends! It's so awesome! Classes are great... the teachers... not so much.

Since now we are in 9th grade, the teachers are being stricter... well some anyways. There's more work in Geography and my "new" English teacher is tough when it comes to work. (I'm not worrying though.) What I'm more concerned about is Spanish. This year, I'm in Spanish 2 which is supposed to go at a much faster pace and our new teacher is super strict. So far, I'm not liking her procedures so... not good.

On the other hand, I got a new science teacher and so far, everyone LOVES him. My old teacher was awesome but, he got a new job closer to home (he used to drive 1-1.5 hours just to go to work!). At first, we were sad that he left but once we met the new teacher, our opinions changed. Our new science teacher is HILARIOUS. He actually has a minor in theater so during class, he likes to "entertain" us with his theater skills. The first day we met him, everyone was practically crying from laughing so hard! My favorite moment is when he was reading our safety contract with emphasize and then... our vice principle walked in. Mr. W still continued to read for a couple of sentences and then noticed the vice principle walked in. Talk about embarassing! xD

I'm so looking forward to school this year... well kinda. But, I know my 9th grade year will be interesting and I'll know I'll survive.

I do still wish that I'm on summer vacation though...

Saturday, August 25, 2012

5,000 Visitors?!

OMG. I can't believe it's happened! I have reached 5,000 views here at the room/hideout! I'm so happy! I never thought this would happen today since I don't post all the time...

It's all thanks to my supporters and friends! I have to give a big thanks to my friend Selena for letting me repost her "50 Things to Do Before you Turn 18" post because that's been a HUGE on my views. Thanks so much Selena! <3

Now, time for a big thank you to my followers! It's only thanks to their support that I keep posting here! Thanks so much, everyone! You guys rock! (Just gonna give a shout out so they feel special.)

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Thank you everyone! I promise to keep you all entertained (or at least try) here at my room and hideout. Again, thank you so much! I would never be far without you!

Internet Blues

Sorry for not posting at all this week. I've been pretty busy and, for a whole entire week, I did not have internet access! >.< What a horrible way to end summer!

Anyways, that's the first part of my "internet blues." I mean, what's worse than not being able to be online when people need you the most?!

Okay, let me slow down a bit...
So, it all started with my mom wanting to upgrade our internet speed. Before, we had a normal speed but, she wanted to upgrade it to go a bit faster. Well, in order to get it, we had to buy a new modem. We bought one and it turns out, it wouldn't work. We bought another modem and that one failed too. So, we contacted our company and they had to send one over which arrived on Saturday but, we couldn't access the internet until Monday afternoon... So it was just bad! No internet for a whole a week on summer vacation. Yeah... not good...

ANYWAYS, in case you were wondering, that's why I was gone so long. I've also started school so I've been pretty busy. That's not the only blues though.

My second home (PSF) has been having a lot of trouble. There have been cyberbullies that have been harassing many members and I'm sick and tired of it. So, I'm not planning to do anything but give everyone advice how to deal with them because without having the ability to ban them, I'm totally powerless and it's impossible for me to control them. It's just been sad everyday there.

So... yeah. I'll still be posting here though! Thanks for all your support everyone!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Summer 2012, where are you going?!

This summer has gone by too fast! I can't believe that in less than 2 weeks, I'm going back to school! Sure, I'm excited but, that means I'm a lot busier so not as much posting on the blog, no longer staying up late, not being able to chat on the forum, and less time to just... do whatever I want. This was such a carefree summer for me. =P

What's funny is, ever since school got out for the summer, I never touched my bag. So, pretty much all my papers, notebooks,... and lots of other junk that I put in my bag are still there. >.< I know it seems pretty lazy but, I carry that bag every day to all my classes and I did not want to see it all summer! Today, I finally decided to empty it out so I can see what supplies I'm low on.

Anyways, I went back to school to pay my fees and get my school schedule today! I was kinda excited to see what I got but, I was also thinking that summer is about to end in about 11 days. (Boo-hoo.) When I grabbed my schedule, I actually saw some of my guy friends, a few of my friends, and a few other people. (We left in a hurry though.) I bet you're all wondering what my schedule is so I won't let you wait any longer!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Summer Trip: Day 5 & 6

These are my last two days of my summer trip to California and Las Vegas!

Day 5 (July 25th):

After a long day at California Adventure, it was time to start heading back. We packed, ate lunch, and hit the road once again. But, by the time we hit the road, it was about noon. Luckily we were going to stop at Las Vegas (again) so, the trip wasn't as long. As usual, I spent the car trip on my iPod, sleeping, and reading Catching Fire.

Hiton Vacation Club, Las Vegas
(I do not own this picture)
Once we got to Las Vegas, we checked into our hotel. This time, we stayed at The Hilton Vacation Club. It was absolutely beautiful! What we liked about it was it was perfect for our family! It doesn't have any casinos, clubs, and normal "Vegas" stuff. That wasn't the only thing that made the day wonderful (compared to all my bad luck before.) Once we got into our room, we LOVED it. Why? Because it was just like a mini suite! There was a kitchen, a dining table, a couch/bed and TV as soon as you enter. Then the "master room" and bathroom feels like you are at home! (I guess that's why it's called a vacation home!) I loved the room though!

After that, we went to the swimming pool since it was scorching hot that day. Sadly, I couldn't go swimming though because of... A certain reason...

Sirens of TI
We ate dinner after and then went to Treasure Island to watch The Sirens of TI that takes place every night outside. It was actually a pretty cool show with the action and music. (Gotta love the Pirates and Sirens.)

Treasure Island
Mirage Volcano
After the show, we went over to Mirage where we saw a volcano come to life! Okay, maybe it wasn't a real one but it was pretty cool with the "lava" exploding and how it seemed pretty realistic. By the time we were done walking on Las Vegas Blvd. it was almost midnight so we headed back to the hotel and got a good night's rest in our wonderful room...

Day 6 (July 26th):

Sad, sad! This was the last day of our trip! I guess you could say that this was a boring day except for lunch! For lunch, we went to an Anime Ramen shop. Yes, food and anime. Something perfect for me! Once we entered, it was just like a Japanese Noodle House but it was decorated with Anime-related decorations! I was practically fangirling. =3

Anime Ramen Shop
That wasn't the only thing since the waitresses were just young girls that are cosplayed (that means they "dress up") like anime characters! Super kawaii! The menus were done like a traditional manga (reading from left to right) and it looked like a manga with all the captions, too! It was absolutely wonderful how they decorated the place not to mention the food, which was yummy!

After a good meal of ramen, it was time for us to hit the road... for the last time. This time we were heading back straight home. It was a 6 hour car ride but after riding so many times, we got used to it and it didn't seem that long.

Well, that was my summer trip! Thanks for reading!

Book Review #9: The Princess Academy

This book review is about The Princess Academy by Shannon Hale. This book has won a Newberry Honor award and it's such a heart-warming story!

Princess Academy
(Cover Art may be different)
The Princess Academy is recommended for anyone who has a taste of realistic-fiction and likes a good story. There is slight romance, some violence, and it takes place in a "medieval" setting (kings, princesses, horse-drawn carriages, traders, etc.) 

The main character is Miri. A girl that lives in Mount Eskel, where almost everyone works at the quarries but herself. She has always dreamed of working in the quarries along with the villagers and her sister and father despite her size. Then, word comes the prince, a lowlander, will be choosing his bride-to-be in Mount Eskel and in order for him to choose, they'd be building an Academy for the young girls of Mout Eskel to learn how to be a princess. Along the way, Miri learns about friendship, teamwork, competition, adventure through threatening situations, and a bit of love.

After reading this book, I know why it was given a Newberry Award. I could not put the book down because I wanted to know who was to become Princess and how Miri was doing at the Academy! The ending was unexpected though, I have to say. It's amazing how one change, like building a school, can change the villager's lives!

I hope you will try reading this book if you haven't already. Remember, if you have any books that you'd like me to feature/review, feel free to comment below and tell me!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Being a Kid again

We all have moment when we act a bit childish... sometimes more than others. Well, last week, I felt like being a child all over again.

We all have our favorite movies and TV Shows that we watched as kids. Last week, I started watching most of my favorite movies/TV Shows as a kid... Like Finding Nemo, Robin Hood (Disney), Sleeping Beauty, Sailormoon... I noticed how much I missed these movies! Finding Nemo almost made me cry again and I noticed how funny it actually was. It is so inspiring and heart-warming. I guess that's why I love it so much! ♪Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, whatcha gotta do is just keep swimming...♫ (I love Dory! :3)
But watching old time favorite movies aren't just the only childish thing I did. I also started coloring in coloring books! To be completely honest, I love coloring books. It's just fun to color when you're bored and create (color) a beautiful picture! I bet I could still be coloring in coloring books even when I'm 18. I'll always be a child at heart. <3
There's so much more that makes me a child at heart but these two stood out the most for me. What's your favorite "child at heart" moment? Comment below to tell me!


Friday, August 3, 2012

My Summer Trip: Day 3 & 4

Day 3 (July 23rd):

This was actually one of our shopping days! Since we are Chinese, it's unnatural for us to not go to Chinatown so every time we go there, a "must-do" was go to Chinatown! I actually LOVE Chinatown because they have really cool stuff for cheaper prices. It's like being at an actual market in China! Anyways, we shopped there a bit. I got a new pair of flats (which I love), some super cute hair accessories (like a small hat clip), and some neon colored nail polish. It's amazing to see how much we bought in less than 2 hours!

Then, we also went to "Vietnamese Town." It's not actually a town but a "mall" with lots of little stores. Usually, the only reason we'd ever go to "Vietnamese Town" is to eat at the food court because we usually don't have those foods prepared quite as nicely and we kinda have a thing for food... (Which is why it's hard for my mom, dad, [and sometimes me] to watch what we are eating. >.<) So, this wasn't a super fun day but, we got lots of stuff so that's good enough for me! ^^

Day 4 (July 24th):

This has got to be one of my favorite days because... it was California Adventure day! I was super excited to go there because I just LOVE Disney... and Cars Land was out. Even if it was a magical day, things didn't go well at all. (More bad luck for our trip. >.<) We didn't get to the park until 11AM [I wanted to go earlier] but it was because some people were slow but that wasn't the disappointing part. We actually had a lot of fun for most of the first part of our day. We went on tons of rides (like Soarin' California [a must go!], Tower of Terror, Toy Story Midway Mania [our family favorite], Goofy's Sky School, Little Mermaid, and a few more.) It was super fun spending time with my family!

Then the bad luck came when we arrived at Cars Land. We actually wanted to get Fast Passes to "Radiator Springs Racers" once we got there but once we did, the Fast Passes were all gone! Turns out that they ran out at 9AM, an hour after the park opens! >.< So, we ended up waiting in line just to ride it. The estimated wait time was 2 hours. We waited and waited but then... just when we were so close to boarding the ride... It malfunctioned and they didn't know how long it would take to fix it! I was so frustrated! My mom kept asking if we wanted to leave but, after waiting 2 hours to ride, being so close, then leaving... What a waste of time! If we left, we couldn't go on the ride anyways since there was so little time left until the World of Color Show. Anyways, after 3 hours of waiting, we got to ride it and, I thought it was almost worth it (if they didn't make us wait so long, THEN it would've been totally worth it but still...)

The "unfortunates" don't end there though... After dinner, it was time for us to see the "World Of Color" show. This is absolutely spectacular! (I watched it in March earlier this year.) It's all about music, color, and water! We got Fast Passes for the show but, it still wasn't good enough. We got a horrible view because we were right behind some people that had to hog the fence. My little sister tried to creep up to the fence to see but, this lady kept hitting her (my little sister's) head with her big stupid purse and totally hurt her! That just made the night even worse. >.< I loved the show but, it was so hard for me to enjoy because my mom was complaining about how much her feet hurt, the horrible view, and other things that I don't even want to mention.

I guess that from now on, I should never keep my hopes too high on special days because the always somehow turn bad. So, that was my wonderful day in California Adventure! What did you think about it?

(Also stay tuned for Day 5 and 6 of my Summer Trip!)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Some Changes...

As most of you may have noticed, my banner has changed. Well, I decided too much for me to keep both my Poptropica Blog and my personal blog so I'm combining them together! (I use my personal blog more, anyways.)

So now, it's Petpet's Room AND Speedy Wing's Hideout. The website is still the same ( but it will be a different title. For all those that aren't Poptropica fans, do not fret. If I do post something about Poptropica, I'll label it on the title.

That's basically the main changes. Hopefully it won't be confusing! Thanks for all your support everyone! (And Happy August)

~Speedy Wing~

My SummerTrip 2012: Day 1 & 2

So recently, I was going on a short trip with my family. It was pretty simple, go to Las Vegas, then Los Angeles, then come back. We have these trips almost every year but this year, luck was not on our side!

Day one (July 21st):

It was one of our "boring" days since we just drove down the Las Vegas for most of the day but the real event of the day was getting into car accident. (This would be the second one this year that I've witnessed. >.<) It was nothing serious and no one got hurt (luckily.) What happened was, we stopped to fill up some gas, and while a car was backing up, it hit the back of our car. The back got pretty messed-up on our rental car but, I wouldn't blame the driver that much since the parking lot was so small.

So, we were delayed a couple of minutes (maybe half an hour?) but we still kept going. The rest of the day was ok. We reached Las Vegas and got into our hotel at "New York New York." Then for the rest of the night, we walked/shopped in "Caesar's Palace." (Which is a beautiful casino/hotel/mall with a Greek theme.)

Then, we checked out the "Venetian and Palazzo." I've always wanted to go there but, we never got the chance. It's theme is based off the place "Venice." What I love about it is the gondola rides which makes it seems so much like you are in Venice! It's also where Phantom of the Opera is being performed as a show. I wanted to go see it but, my parents aren't the "opera" type.  I loved it though.

Petpet in Las Vegas... but that's only day one...

Day two (July 22nd):

This was the day we were heading to California! It was actually one of the more boring days but, luck still wasn't on our side. We left the hotel and went to a Chinese restaurant to get some lunch. It was about 12-1 when we left to go to Cali (San Gabriel area.) It usually takes 4 hours to drive from Las Vegas to where we usually stay but this trip, it took about 6 hours! Why? One word: TRAFFIC.

I guess we should've saw it coming. People from Cali go to Las Vegas for some fun on the weekends and since it was a Sunday, most were heading back home. There were also a car accident so it made the jam worse. That was one of my worst car trip yet. Luckily, I had a good book to read and things to do (like napping.)

It was pretty boring after since we just checked in the hotel and ate a Chinese Seafood Dinner.

But there was still more for the days to come...
Until next time!
Singing Hatsune Miku