Saturday, July 16, 2011

What the Fijit?!?

Today I was browsing around Poptropica and found this new ad called Fijit Friends. It's in all different islands and they talk about how they interact.
Here's how my interview would be like if I met the creator of Fijit Friends.

Speedy Wing in front Fijit ad

Me: What is a Fijit Friend??

Creator: A Fijit Friend is a type of robot that you can enteract with and is your best friend. They have over 150 phrases and can talk with you.

Me: How do they know what I'm talking about?

Creator: They have 30 keywords that they can sense and know what you're trying to say.

Me: I'm still not convinced on buying this...

Creator: They are very soft and squishy! And the best part is that they dance!

Me: Dancing robots??? Sounds like the new Poptropica island. I can't wait to see it! There's going to be trains and robot and alieans....

Creator: Back to Fijit Friends please.

Me: Oh sorry. I'm still not convinced. They sound weird too... How did you create this robot.

Creator: It's a secret missy! Now are you going to buy it or no??

Me: Nah. I'd rather keep my money for savings.

Creator: Oh fine. At least keep this free Fijit Friend for your Poptropican.

Me: Uh. Thanks..... (I really don't want this!!)

You can get this free Fijit Friend for your Poptropican by going to the adand click the poster above the bed. There's really not much to do there. You can click the video, see the webiste or customize an outfit. This ad was not a favorite but it was interesting to look around.

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  1. Its cute and weird.
    (Strane Clown,by the way.)


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