Saturday, July 23, 2011

Book Review #2: Ingo

I have just finished reading Ingo by Helen Dunmore. This book talks a lot about the sea and it's an amazing story. It's about a girl name Sapphire. She has a wonderful family and everything is just how she wants it until one night, her father sailed off to the sea and just disappeared. After years, Sapphy and her brother, Conor, starts hearing the ocean call to them. It's like a pull of a magnet from the ocean. That's when she discovers the world of Ingo. This book is perfect for those that like adventure, fantasy, and sea life. Ingo is just the first book of  The Ingo Chronicles. This book is mostly recommended for ages 10 and up.

Here's the description:
By the Cornwall coast where Sapphire lives with her family, it's easy to hear the call of the sea. Too easy. When the sea called to Sapphy's father, he vanished from her life. When the sea called to her brother, he started disappearing for hours on end. And now the sea is calling to Sapphy, and she feels its pull more strongly than she's ever felt anything in her life. In a novel full of longing, mystery, and magic, Helen Dunmore takes us to a new world that has the power both to captivate and to destroy. At the waterline, the worlds of Air and Ingo meet. Sappy and her brother, Conor, find themselves at the boundary between these worlds, in a place of danger and amazing discoveries.

If you want to read the next book of the Ingo Chronicles, look for Tide Knot.

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