Thursday, July 14, 2011

A New Friend

Have you ever had a new person come and doing something amazing? Just like a thunderstorm coming in without a warning? That happened to me today. I was on Poptropica Secrets Forum do my business and I saw a thread that caught my eye. It was brand new and only 2 replies. I had to see this.

I read the thread on how the forum could be better. I was kinda mad that she just started and already talked about these things. But, she's keen about that. I read through the posts and saw that my friend had replied. Then the new girl started to talk about spamming. I was shocked on how she treated Strange Clown. I knew that she was going to be trouble. But her talking about the spamming made me feel guilty that I spammed a lot.

That's when the flame war started. She was talking about how she could help change the forum. There was a big arguement between me and her. It went on for hours (just about 3.) I was arguing so much that I didn't notice the time! After holding a grudge for 3 hours, I felt bad about what I did. She just stepped on my wrong foot, so that was probably what set me off.

She apolgized about all that happened. And so did I. We finally forgot about what happened. Now we are friends and I hope to get to know her more!!
This was a day I won't ever forget!

Special thanks to: Maygirl2 for letting me post this, my good friend Strange Clown for talking to me about the troubles, Funnygirl for helping me ease my nerves, and my little sis Shiny Sun for showing me that Maygirl2's not what I think.


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