Monday, September 23, 2013

Homecoming 2013

So if you read my post last week asking whether I should go to homecoming or not... This is a continue of it.(Click here to read it if you missed it.)

As you probably figured, I went to homecoming yesterday! (Thank you RedWing for your feedback. I took your advice and the advice of all my other friends.) It was different from my middle school dances for sure. I mean, at my old school, the dances had about 60-70% middle school going and it was only from 5-7PM. Homecoming was similar but there was only about 20% of the school that went and the dance was from 7-10PM. Plus, there was a formal dress-code which I NEVER had with my other dances.

I went to homecoming with a group of friends. We had "dates" but some of them were unofficial and we mainly stayed as a big group. It ended up being uneven however because one of the girls couldn't go last minute. (So we had one "bachelor" in our group.) It was really fun going as a group. We just messed around, danced awkwardly, and had crazy fun. Even on some of the slow songs, we tried to have some fun.

When we weren't in a group, we were dancing with our dates... but that only happen a couple of times. My "date" was my guy friend G. He never asked me to go with him. It was just a pairing my friends did for us... But none of us opposed so I guess it was okay.

Last night was the first dance I've ever had with a guy. (Dances where I was forced to be paired up don't count.) I know it's really really late for me to have my first "couples" dance but I was never popular in middle school. Plus, none of the guys had the guts to ask me to dance with them. :P Either way, I would never imagine that my first dance would be with a guy like G. He's not the type of person, appearance wise, that I would dance with when two years ago but that doesn't matter because he's so sweet. ^_^ 

Homecoming was truely an amazing experience. My feet hurt like crap from dancing in heels but it was worth it. I got to have a fun time, meet some new people, get some more exercise, and dance with my friends.

It's been a month of high school and I'm already getting a group of friends... I guess I owe it to my social friend though.

Until next time,
♥Petpet who's surviving high school

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