Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Book Review #1: Hawksmaid

From now on, I will do book reviews. This is the first one! I'll just talk about the book, author, and anything else related.

I just finished reading Hawksmaid by Kathryn Lasky. It was really interesting. It was pretty much a story of Robin Hood, the Merry Men, and Maid Marian. It starts off of how their childhood life then, as outlaws. Kathryn Lasky really made an interesting story of Robin Hood. This was a very interesting book. I would definitely recommend it for people that likes Robin Hood, hawks, and ages 10 and up.

Here's the description:
Matty has been raised to dance well, embroider exquisitely, and marry nobly. But when Matty's mother is murdered before her very eyes and her father, a nobleman, is reduced to poverty, Matty's life changes. As the daughter of Nottingham's most famous falconer, she finds a new destiny in the hawks her father keeps. She begins to understand their thoughts and even speak their language. the beautiful merlin Marigold becomes Matty's closest winged companion and her fiercest ally..... You thought that you knew the legend, but this is the untold story.

If you don't know who Kathryn Lasky is, she is the author of the  very popular series: Guardians of Ga'hoole. She does lots of research for her books. She would study the animals' behavior and how they act.

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