Sunday, August 25, 2013

My First Week of High School

I really wanted to talk about my first day but I was busy so I'm just going to talk about my week.

If you want a quick summary of my week, it involves an AP Government teacher who doesn't have the "cleanest" mouth; a land of flatness; public display of affections everywhere; a Taylor Swift look-alike; speed dating; and an ecstatic school assembly.

Interested on some of the details? Alright...

For first period, I have AP Government/Politics. To be honest, the teacher has to be one of my favorites. Not only does he remind me of my 7th/8th grade science teacher but I love his humor. It's cruel humor but not in a hurtful way. He is so honest that you can never expect a "sweet sugar coated" answer. Plus, he tends to swear a bit (which is new since I rarely hear teachers swear during my middle school years) but I just choose to ignore it. Other than that, he's super fun.

For English, I have to read a book called "Flatland." It is such a short book but the complicated sentences and story can make it a hard read. The concept of the land of 2-Dimensional world made my mind blow. It's just amazing yet strange. I've only read the first few chapters but so far, it's very interesting.

Being in high school, you are bound to see couples around the school. For me, I see it every hallway. PDA everywhere. Some couples just hold hands during passing time but some just go all out. I mean, come on. We are in school and there are thousands of people. Everyone knows you are a couple if you hold hands. You don't have to do all "that" in front of everyone, okay? I really don't need to see it when I'm trying to get to class.

One of the highlights of my week was meeting a girl who looks like Taylor Swift. She's in a few of my classes and I'm doing a project with her and another girl named Stephenie. The way Valerie did her hair and makeup on Friday made her look so much like Taylor Swift. One day, Valerie might try to dress up like Taylor Swift just to see how many people would think she was actually Taylor.

My favorite class right now is Psychology. I took the class because I thought it would be fascinating to learn how the brain functions. It became my favorite once I met the teacher. He is so fun and makes you feel relaxed and "at home." Mr. F. told our class that in order for this class to work, we must become a "family." So, on the second day of class, we were to meet every single person in the class and remember their names. What better way to do it than speed date? I was familiar with what speed dating was and I never expected to "speed date" during my 10th grade year! I spoke with 34 people that day. You have no idea how fried my brain was once I spoke with everyone and tried to remember their names. My friend Abhi (he went to previous school with me) asked me what my "method" was during the speed date. (By "method" he meant getting an actual date.) I had no method because I wasn't taking this class activity that serious.

On Friday, I had my first school assembly. It was interesting. At my old school, the assemblies were really boring. We just sat there and listened to people talk most of the time. My high school assembly had live music, dancing, cheer, and more. Sure, it's a high school but the assembly was fun. It wasn't really about the school but the clubs, school spirit, and talents. I would rather sit through performances than sit through a boring lecture.

Well, that was long... but a lot happened on my first week! I already have quite a bit of homework and it's most likely going to get worse as the year goes by. Here's to high school!

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  1. That's so very intresting! Coolio...~
    I have a friend my ex-best-friend introduced me to years ago, (Elena), and she has always looked JUST like Taylor Swift. But..she hates her. -'_'- Funny how you know someone who looked/looks like her, also!

    rose-thorn-blood also known as iLoveMarilynManson


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