Friday, July 22, 2011

New Poptropican Blog!!

Hi everyone. Great news! I've created a Poptropican Blog. That's my very own blog to post everything about Poptropica. This is a way for my friends that don't play Poptropica to worry about scrolling down on this blog. My new blog is called Speedy Wing's Hideout. It's

I will still post on Petpet's Room too but just not for Poptropica stuff. Please still come to check though! Just because I have another blog doesn't mean I won't post here. :)

Oh yeah, this blog has over 100 views now!! Thanks to all the supporters out there! You are the ones that want me to keep posting here. Thanks!

One last thing. Please comment. I want more people to comment and know what they are thinking. If you don't have a file, don't worry. Just click name/url. Put your name there and submit. Then, you comment right away!

Again. Thank you all for visiting Petpet's Room.

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