Thursday, July 21, 2011

America's Got Talent: Quarterfinals Part 2

This week was the second Quarterfinals of America's Got Talent, season 6. There was more laughs, crying, and thrill this week but some acts, the judges weren't as pleased. The judge- Peirs Morgan- was using his buzzer like a bomb! An act suck, BOOM, there goes the bomb. Another one, BOOM, there's another. Anyways, these are the acts from Tuesday.

•Attack Dance Crew
•Dani Shay
•Dylan Andre
•Thomas John
•Steven Retchless*
•Dainel Joseph Baker*
•Geechy Guy
•Landon Swank
•Mona Lisa
•Smage Bros. Riding Shows*
•The Rhinestone Ropers

The ones with * mean they made it to the Semi-finals!

Unforgettable Moments
•During the show, they talked alot about how they looked. According to Peirs, Nick had an accident with his outfit by wearing purple.
•Peirs and Howie were playing around once again. While Peirs was complaining about an act, Howie took a little water gun and started squirting it at Peirs. It was hiarilous! Good prank Howie!!
•Dainel Joseph Baker has a new nickname now! It's the new Lady Guyguy.
•The Rhinestone Ropers brought in a horse. It was a really horrible act! Apparently, it made a couple of accidents while it was performing. Poor Nick had to clean it up once again...

Special guests
The first special guest was Hot Chelle Rae. They sang their newest single Tonight, Tonight. The second guest was an acrobatic act called Traces. They were pretty amazing!

This week was a pretty intense and disappointing. I was hoping that some of the acts were better but they weren't. Oh well. To see the full performances by clicking here.  To see the full results show, click here.

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