Monday, September 2, 2013

10 Funny Things To Do at an Amusement Park

So on August 19th, I went to an amusement park with my 7 of friends (the week before school.) To be honest, we did some pretty crazy things.

We were so crazy, we attracted attention... So here are some of the funny things we did during our Amusement Park trip! (Somethings on the list were ideas that we never.)

10 Funny Things to Do at an Amusement Park!
(Recommended for a group of 6+ people.)

1) Scream.We all have our favorite roller coasters. When it starts going down, everyone scream something random in unity.
A few examples: "I like puppies!," "For Narnia!." "We are all going to die!," etc.

2) If you see security cameras, wave at them and start dancing around, even if they aren't working. The people in line will still see you.

3) Overreact how scary the ride is going to be when you are in line. Best for kiddie rides.

4) If you are on one of the swing rides as pictured below, pretend to have a photoshoot while on it. So bring a fake camera (if allowed on ride) and just start "snapping" pictures while your friends are posing and swinging.
5) Start dancing the macarena or Gangnam Style while in line or where there's a lot of people.

6) On bumper cars, just get to the middle of the area and start spinning in circles. (You might get bumped a few times.)

7) Battle of the best! Split your group in half when you go on one of the swinging boat rides as pictured. (Make sure it's one of the rides that only go left and right and not upside-down!) Have half of the group on the left side and half on the right side of the ship. Think of two opposing things or phrases said after something else. Assign a side for a thing. Every time the ship goes up, that side has to scream their thing. See if you can get all the other passengers to scream with you.
Ideas: "Marco-Polo," "Peeta-Gale," "Jacob-Edward," "Facebook-Twitter," etc.
In case you are confused: We split the group so that the left group had team "Edward" and the right group had team "Jacob." (Twilight reference) When the left side was higher, the left group would scream "Edward." When the right side was higher, the right group would scream "Jacob." (So it seems like the two sides are debating.)

8) Have some fun with the ride attendants! We met a few attendants who have "sass" and/or a bubbly personality. If they start talking to you in an accent, have a brief conversation with them in the same accent! You will make the attendant's day better and your day better as well.

9) Bust out a beat on the log flumes. When you and a few other people are in the ride and waiting for the drop, start making some music. Everyone will play a different beat on the flume while one starts making random "ritual" noises (like Nemo's from Finding Nemo "Shark Bait oo-ha-ha" bit.) Plan it out when there aren't any people. Once you see a few people, start the beat again until they are out of sight. When you see people at the boarding area, start the beat once again until you get off. You'll feel like a Native American.... maybe.
10) On a ride where you pass people who are in line (rapids are a great one,) have one person yell "Everybody clap your hands!" Then everyone on the ride has clap their hands until the line is out of sight/hearing range. This is just to get people wondering why the heck you are clapping.

So yeah... Those are some crazy things we planned/and did during our trip to our favorite amusement park. We got quite a few strange looks but we still had a blast. I wouldn't recommend these things at a theme park (Universal, Disney, etc.) since they are more specific but any typical amusement park would be fine.

If you have any other ideas or tried some of these ideas, please tell me by commenting below!


  1. LOL these are perfect ideas! I'm going to Six Flags soon so I'll be sure to try this all out!

  2. I will try them all this summer 😃


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