Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My Opinion on Lockdowns

We had a lockdown drill last week and it really made me wonder what this world is coming to. When I was in elementary school, we didn't really have to worry about lockdowns that much. But then, I was so young that I never knew what lockdowns were.

I know that they are to help keep us safe but it scares us when we have a drill. We all know that there will be times when we don't know if we really are having a drill or if there's danger in the school. Since when did we have to worry about people going through the school to cause danger? Elementary schools are supposed to be one of the safest place in the world but yet, we had a shooting in Connecticut with the death of 20 innocent children just a few months ago. It maybe a one time thing but it's horrible that we have to even worry about this.

I can see why schools are a target but it's just immorally wrong, especially to an elementary school. Since the shooing, legislatures have been trying to come up with a new bill concerning the right to bare arms (which I won't talk about unless I really feel like it.) My point is, what happened to only having to worry about getting home before curfew? The world is supposed to change but must it change that we need to go to such great limits to protect the children?! Apparently so because when psychopaths or someone who doesn't have a clear mind goes in a school with guns and kills a mass of innocent people, the government has to change their policies as well.

Aside from my questioning on this world today, I'm really glad to have a school that really prepares us for these types of situations. During the shooting in Connecticut, the school had to go on lockdown which saved a lot of people. I guess they really want students to get the procedures down and to see how fast the students and teachers can go into a lockdown. I was in English when they called the code and I was so scared because we were at a very sentimental moment during the video.

If it wasn't a drill, I probably would have gone crazy. Thoughts would run through my head because I JUST watched a video about a "death factory" and there I would be, inside a school just waiting to hear the safe signal. (I sound so paranoid but it's the truth!)

Recently, the administration team made a new policy that all teacher are required to lock their doors at all times. Now, this sounds like a pain for some teachers who don't carry their keys but it really isn't. We just leave a magnet on the door frame (which is magnetic) and when you need to close the door, it doesn't close all the way but still blocks out noises! This policy is to help save few seconds of getting into lockdown. When situations come between life and death, every second saved is crucial.

Anyways, the drill lasted for about 10 minutes but it was hard to entertain yourself. We just sat there quietly in the corner of our classroom, waiting for the clear signal. No talking, no electronics, nothing. They even restricted us from contacting parents. When I first heard that, I was in complete shock but then, I understood their logic once they told us. Teachers, administrators, and faculty don't want any contact with parents because they'll just get in the way. If our class contacts their parents, the parents will just come to the school and try to get into the school (which interferes with the police who are trying to get the dangerous person out of the school.) But I really dislike it. I want to have the feeling that if I were to die that day, I'd want to tell my family and outside friends that I love them. I wouldn't just want to leave the world and not be able to tell my feelings to everyone! (Sorry, I'm being paranoid again.)

So we sat and wait then they called the clear signal over the intercom. We resumed to our desks and discussed about what we would do during a lockdown. Here's some of the questions and the answers.
What if you were in the hallways when they called the code to go into lockdown?You would run into the nearest classroom and we would send emails to the office, saying that we are missing so-and-so. The teacher who took you into his/her classroom would send an email out saying I have so-and-so. That way, they know all students are present. 
What would happen if you were outside?Well, you would obviously try not to go inside because that's where the dangerous person is. What we'd try to do is get you to the far end of the field and climb you over the fence to where the houses are. We would be trespassing but we all have to get you as safe as possible. If we had to, we'd even knock on the doors and ask if everyone could take custody in the owner's house until the lockdown was over. That just shows how serious we are about lockdowns. 
What if you were in the bathroom when the code was announced? (It's a possibility.)Just stop your business and bust out of there! You don't even have to worry about washing your hands or anything. Just get your pants up and run to the nearest classroom. It's the same procedure but no matter what, do not stay in the bathroom! 
How do you respond when the dangerous person comes into the classroom (if they do)?That all depends on the person's response system. Teachers will do their best to keep their students safe but in cases when adrenaline is high, it's basically fight or flight. There's how you should act but of course, when that system kicks in, you just don't know.
Either way, I'm glad that we have such safe systems to help protect children and students. With such preparations, it could save many lives in such cases. I think they should try to make it more realistic during drills though so students have a sense of fear. That way, we don't start freaking out when the real thing is happening but I'm glad schools are getting students prepared for such dangers.

I apologize for such a long post but I really wanted to share my opinion on such an important cause in the future. So, what's your opinion on lockdown and lockdown drills? If you go to a public school, are your drills different or same? Comment to tell me!
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  1. OMG, we had a lockdown a few weeks ago too! Man, I mean after Sandy Hook, lately there's been just this constant fear over the whole country...from where you live in the West, all the way to New York.

    I agree, it's just sad, even though we need to do it to keep safe. Things would just be so much easier if we could all just be good people and not kill others >.<


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