Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013!

It's 2013 now... Another year has passed!

Man, I have wasted so much of my time. xD Everything seems so long ago yet, time flies too fast.

Let me start off by reminiscing of what happened here:
Whew! That was quite a lot. I guess there were a few highlights here at Petpet's Room/Hideout after all!

There's so much that happens in one year, it's hard to sum it all up. I have to say though, the best few moments of the year was Gangnam Style reaching 1 billion views, the U.S. presidential election, and the "mission to Mars."


So, when it's a new year, it's time for resolutions! I made some last year so let's see if I accomplished them!
Well, I have a couple of New Year Resolutions for school, home, and of my blog. First on the list, school. My resolutions are to keep my 4.0 GPA this year, do my schoolwork and important projects before instead of last minute, write in my planner more (I've been slacking lately), and pay attention more in class.
4.0 GPA? Check!
Schoolwork and projects before? Not really....
Write in my planner more? Er... Kinda?
Pay more attention in class. Pretty much... there were a few times though...
For home, I want to be a better helper. Maybe help around the house more with taking out trash, sweeping the floor, vacuuming, and other chores. I could also keep my room clean (I'm clean but sometimes, I need to clean up a bit) and get along better with the family.
Eh. I kinda did that and slacked other times. So...

As for here, a resolution is to post way more.
Well, I posted more than I did in 2011! So...

Now, time for my new resolutions!
  • Live life
  • Keep up my grades
  • Be more social
  • Help out my parents more
  • Try to not come online when I have homework (this is gonna be a tricky one)
  • Improve my music skills
  • Post more
  • Make the world a better place
  • Try new things
  • Become a bigger Otaku
I'll probably forget these resolution in the next month... But, oh well! I can try this year.

Either way, even if it's a new year, it's still another day in life so keep living!
♥ Petpet

(Otaku moment: the saddest part this year was Sword Art Online ending! It was a beautiful anime...)

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