Friday, December 21, 2012

Poptropolis is doomed?!

This Speedy Wing here at Poptropolis Island. Earlier today, Mews Corp. reported an occurrence of this island seismic activity and I'm here to check it out.
So far, there isn't any damage to the Poptropolis Ruins but some competitors are having a difficult time participating in the games. I interviewed a member of the Pathfinders to hear their opinion. "It's been hard competing with all this shaking going on. This won't stop the Pathfinders from winning these games though!"

I stayed to watch a few of the games and at least one of the competitors messed up during their competition. The shaking made archer even harder to hit the target. It made it harder for those throwing the javelins to not lose their balance. The weightlifting is twice as hard since everything is off balance.

All of Poptropolis is hoping this won't last for long.
This is Speedy Wing, signing off. Please make sure to tune to the Hideout to get more updates on what's going on here in Poptropolis.

~Speedy Wing~

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