Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I am Merida!

...Okay. Maybe not.

But compared to how fast I learned archery, I feel like Merida (from the movie Brave). As you might know from my previous post (Click here to view it), I have never touched a bow until last week. My first try, was a miserable fail.

Well, today, I actually got another 2 chances to shoot! What happened?

I. Kicked. Butt.

It's true though. 2013 was the first time I touched a bow and after a second try at shooting, I didn't miss the target (and the arrows didn't ricochet off the target). Out of 10 shots, this is how well I did (I couldn't take a picture of it since I was in school):
Pretty impressive, huh? I ALMOST had a straight bulls-eye! I'm so glad I had another class to do archery before the semester ended because I had to prove myself that I COULD do archery and become good at it.

Sure, I can't quite splinter other arrows nor shoot a squirrel straight through the eye, but, I improved BIG TIME. That is what counts the most.

 I could have signed up for the school archery competition, but it's too late now. Oh well, at least know I am not a failure at archery!
How I felt like today.
On another side note, this week is the last week of the semester! I actually had a really good Monday (super rare.) I don't know what it is but I just couldn't help laughing all day. There were just some things that made me smile and I was just so... cheery.

I think lack of sleep is getting to me... (I get really crazy when I don't have enough sleep.) At least I have a five-day weekend.
♥Petpet, the soon to be Robinita Hood.
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