Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Project 365

My friend "Selena" posted this on her blog and I thought it would be a great idea to share!

Project 365 is a challenge to where you take at least 1 picture everyday for the year. "People often say that their year has flashed before their eyes." Project 365 allows you to remember what you did each day and what was so important that day.

For some people, this isn't a challenge at all! Now, you can take pictures of whatever you want but, it's more fun when you have some sort of theme or idea of what you are going to take a picture of. These have to be pictures you've taken yourself though!
Me? I'm planning to take pictures of whatever was the highlight of my day! (That might be tricky during school though...)

As long as you have a camera, you can do this! So keep your cameras, phones, iPod Touches, etc. with you everywhere you go because you'll never know if you need to snap a quick picture! (Screenshots count as a picture too, just saying.)

The Official Project 365 site allows people to post their own pictures to their site but I think it's just a lot easier for me to post my pictures here at Petpet's Room/Speedy Wing's Hideout.
Project 365: Photo #1
Today's photo is banana bread. I know it doesn't look that pretty (blame my mom xD) but this was the first time our family actually created the banana bread. It actually tasted pretty good for a first timer! We messed up a little bit here and there though. ^^;

So, are you up to the challenge?! If you are, post this on your personal blog and start snapping pictures! (Giving credit to people is always a good idea. ;-))

Look forward to more pictures of Project 365!


  1. Four things...

    1) HAPPY NEW YEAR!! :D
    2) LUVVV the background! Do not change it! Sergeant, that's an ORDER. (Lol, jkjk) But I really love it!
    3) This has kinda been bugging me...
    Little Owl didn't find Hypster.
    She got it from me.
    And I got it from DizzyCarrot.

    Like you said in this post, Giving credit to people is always a good idea, so I think Dizzy deserves it :3 IDK
    4) This project thing is an AWESOME idea!!!
    But somedays I might forget...camera might not work, idk it will be kinda hard for me, but good luck to you! Can't wait to see what you do!

    1. 1) You too! :3
      2) Thank you for your feedback and who said you were in charge? xD (Jkjk.)
      3) That's good to know now. Well, thanks informing me then. I shall edit that now. :)
      4) Well, it wasn't my idea but, I just thought it'd be fun to do. I don't want to screw up but I bet I will... I just bet. (It might only happen because I forget my iPod... Or I just FORGET...)

      Anyways, just look forward to this project, then!


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