Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Attack of the Chicken Wing!!

I didn't think this day would come... In a lab full of scientists in training, I hear a shriek... a look of disgust... Discovery. My gloves were slipping. It was getting tougher. There wasn't much time left...

And then all of the sudden...
IT attacked.

Okay, maybe it didn't happen like that but it was my highlight of the day. Today, in Biology, I dissected something for the first time.

To be honest, it was cool but weird. We were learning about skins in Biology and what it does. Well, to really understand the layers and parts of the skin, we "dissected" a raw chicken wing. We first cut tear a hole into the chicken wing (the skin's tough and the scissors are small). Then we had to take the skin off. It was torture!

Usually, a cooked piece of chicken skin is easy to peel off but raw ones, they are almost impossible. Why? The fat cells are really attached to the muscles (we could barely get the fatty part of the skin off.) Another thing that makes it worst is that we couldn't cut up the muscle and tendon because we are going to use the chicken again for another dissection. It was kinda frustrating but at the same time, it was really fun. It's kinda cool to see everything in the skin... even though it's a little weird.

"That is a nice blood vessel."

Now about the attack... It didn't really attack me or my lab partner but it almost dropped onto the floor and table a few times. So in a way, it was trying to "attack" the floor, right? (Whoops!)

Anyways, that was my wonderful time in Biology. Pretty soon, we are going to be dissecting frogs... Chicken wings, I can do. Frogs... I'm not sure. O_O

I should probably get working on my final draft of my policy paper that's due tomorrow. (Guess who will be staying up late tonight?!)
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  1. Nooo...poor froggys! Last year I had to dissect a was cool but it smelled SO BAD. think it was its spine...looked like a quill pen and we were supposed to dip it in the squid ink and write on our paper, but I think I just did that with my fingers. XD


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