Sunday, August 26, 2012

Laughs and Terror on First Week

Well, this was my first week of 9th grade! ^o^

Let me tell ya, there was some exciting stuff going on this year. Since I'm in 9th grade, that means I'm the "Seniors" of our school! (I go to a K-9 school.) But, this year is gonna be tough since now everyone is looking up to us and we have to make sure our grades count.

So, let's get started. This year, I am so excited because I have at least 4 friends in every class! That's rare for me last year. Plus, majority of my schedule is similar to my friends! It's so awesome! Classes are great... the teachers... not so much.

Since now we are in 9th grade, the teachers are being stricter... well some anyways. There's more work in Geography and my "new" English teacher is tough when it comes to work. (I'm not worrying though.) What I'm more concerned about is Spanish. This year, I'm in Spanish 2 which is supposed to go at a much faster pace and our new teacher is super strict. So far, I'm not liking her procedures so... not good.

On the other hand, I got a new science teacher and so far, everyone LOVES him. My old teacher was awesome but, he got a new job closer to home (he used to drive 1-1.5 hours just to go to work!). At first, we were sad that he left but once we met the new teacher, our opinions changed. Our new science teacher is HILARIOUS. He actually has a minor in theater so during class, he likes to "entertain" us with his theater skills. The first day we met him, everyone was practically crying from laughing so hard! My favorite moment is when he was reading our safety contract with emphasize and then... our vice principle walked in. Mr. W still continued to read for a couple of sentences and then noticed the vice principle walked in. Talk about embarassing! xD

I'm so looking forward to school this year... well kinda. But, I know my 9th grade year will be interesting and I'll know I'll survive.

I do still wish that I'm on summer vacation though...

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