Thursday, August 9, 2012

Book Review #9: The Princess Academy

This book review is about The Princess Academy by Shannon Hale. This book has won a Newberry Honor award and it's such a heart-warming story!

Princess Academy
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The Princess Academy is recommended for anyone who has a taste of realistic-fiction and likes a good story. There is slight romance, some violence, and it takes place in a "medieval" setting (kings, princesses, horse-drawn carriages, traders, etc.) 

The main character is Miri. A girl that lives in Mount Eskel, where almost everyone works at the quarries but herself. She has always dreamed of working in the quarries along with the villagers and her sister and father despite her size. Then, word comes the prince, a lowlander, will be choosing his bride-to-be in Mount Eskel and in order for him to choose, they'd be building an Academy for the young girls of Mout Eskel to learn how to be a princess. Along the way, Miri learns about friendship, teamwork, competition, adventure through threatening situations, and a bit of love.

After reading this book, I know why it was given a Newberry Award. I could not put the book down because I wanted to know who was to become Princess and how Miri was doing at the Academy! The ending was unexpected though, I have to say. It's amazing how one change, like building a school, can change the villager's lives!

I hope you will try reading this book if you haven't already. Remember, if you have any books that you'd like me to feature/review, feel free to comment below and tell me!

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