Saturday, August 25, 2012

Internet Blues

Sorry for not posting at all this week. I've been pretty busy and, for a whole entire week, I did not have internet access! >.< What a horrible way to end summer!

Anyways, that's the first part of my "internet blues." I mean, what's worse than not being able to be online when people need you the most?!

Okay, let me slow down a bit...
So, it all started with my mom wanting to upgrade our internet speed. Before, we had a normal speed but, she wanted to upgrade it to go a bit faster. Well, in order to get it, we had to buy a new modem. We bought one and it turns out, it wouldn't work. We bought another modem and that one failed too. So, we contacted our company and they had to send one over which arrived on Saturday but, we couldn't access the internet until Monday afternoon... So it was just bad! No internet for a whole a week on summer vacation. Yeah... not good...

ANYWAYS, in case you were wondering, that's why I was gone so long. I've also started school so I've been pretty busy. That's not the only blues though.

My second home (PSF) has been having a lot of trouble. There have been cyberbullies that have been harassing many members and I'm sick and tired of it. So, I'm not planning to do anything but give everyone advice how to deal with them because without having the ability to ban them, I'm totally powerless and it's impossible for me to control them. It's just been sad everyday there.

So... yeah. I'll still be posting here though! Thanks for all your support everyone!

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