Sunday, September 2, 2012

Red Rover

I told you that I was a child at heart, right? Well, so are my friends!

After 15 minutes of lunch, they allow the middle school to go outside and move around (so it's recess!) Well, whenever we go outside, we either bump a volleyball around, chat, or play games from our childhood.

While others are playing basketball, soccer, frisbee, or chatting, we play childish games and the are 9th graders, the oldest kids of our school! Honestly, I'm not ashamed of playing these games because it's nothing to be ashamed of! These are games you played as a child and you can always play these games no matter the age. We are not stupid (in fact, half of us are honor students.) We are just crazy.

Anyways, when we didn't have a volleyball, we played Red Rover. It's a game where you have two groups. Everyone holds hands and gets into a line with their group. Then, one of the groups get to call over a person from the other group but they have to say a special line first which is... "Red Rover, Red Rover, send [insert name] right over!" Then, whoever they call has to try and break through the linked hands. If they can't break it, they join the other group. If they break through though, that chosen person gets to choose a person from the other group and take them back to their group. Kinda confusing if you never played it but, that's the best I can explain in words.
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So, we were playing it outside since boredom got to us. We had about 10-15 people playing since that's the number of people we usually sit by at lunch. So, we all started playing and had a bunch of fun as friends playing together. It was kinda unfair how most of the guys would run through and break it through our hands since they are so strong.

I did have an awkward moment while playing though... Well, I got called, didn't break through and decided to squeeze in between one of my friends (a girl) and another friend (whom was a guy. I'll just refer to him as "J.") So, when I squeezed in, "J" got distracted and my other friend (a guy) decided to trade spots to link with me. "J" noticed and kinda started to bicker about it but, they didn't make a huge deal about it. I just thought it was weird because I don't think "J" really liked me since I was so quite... And since when did guys want to hold my hands so badly??

Anyways, I just wanted to share that story with you and tell you about me and my crazy/childish life.
See ya around!

(P.S. Comment below if you play childhood games with your friends and share your story!)


  1. A few times around me and my kid sisters would play sardeans and man hunt..

    Both are crazy similar to hide and seak...but in group formish...


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