Friday, August 10, 2012

Summer 2012, where are you going?!

This summer has gone by too fast! I can't believe that in less than 2 weeks, I'm going back to school! Sure, I'm excited but, that means I'm a lot busier so not as much posting on the blog, no longer staying up late, not being able to chat on the forum, and less time to just... do whatever I want. This was such a carefree summer for me. =P

What's funny is, ever since school got out for the summer, I never touched my bag. So, pretty much all my papers, notebooks,... and lots of other junk that I put in my bag are still there. >.< I know it seems pretty lazy but, I carry that bag every day to all my classes and I did not want to see it all summer! Today, I finally decided to empty it out so I can see what supplies I'm low on.

Anyways, I went back to school to pay my fees and get my school schedule today! I was kinda excited to see what I got but, I was also thinking that summer is about to end in about 11 days. (Boo-hoo.) When I grabbed my schedule, I actually saw some of my guy friends, a few of my friends, and a few other people. (We left in a hurry though.) I bet you're all wondering what my schedule is so I won't let you wait any longer!

A Day:

1: Commercial Art & Computer
2: Fitness for Life
3: Language Arts (English Honors)
4: Spanish 2

B Day:

5: Math Honors
6: Geography
7: Biology
8: Peer Leadership
Honestly, I think my schedule is pretty easy to remember but the arrangement isn't that great. A Days, it's the torture day (except for 1st period.) Why? Because I have two language classes and gym! >.< English and Spanish are classes that give out the harder homework and usually the most. Plus, Spanish this year has a new teacher. Hopefully she (I'm assuming the teacher is a she) isn't that strict! Then gym, it's not a favorite since I get all sweaty but, I guess I'll have to deal with it. (At least I have a whole bunch of friends that will be in the same classes as me!)

B Day is okay though. The classes might be a little tricky sometimes but, at least I have 2 of my favorite teachers for Geography and Biology! Peer Leadership is what I'm looking forward to though. As most of you know, I tend to be a role-model for the PSF (being a moderator and all) but I'm also one in school. I requested to be on the Peer Leadership Team so I can learn how to become a better leader and have more confidence speaking in front of others. Turns out, a few teachers were "recommending" me to be on the peer leadership team already! Lucky me!

Well, I'm kinda sad about summer ending and such but, I have to keep learning in order accomplish my parent's dreams. So, to make this summer unforgettable, I need your help! Think as many things that I should do these last 11 days before I have to go back to school and post them in the comments! (Try to keep them simple since I'm usually at home and can't go .)

Summer, please don't end!
(P.S. For all those that are confused with the "A" and "B" day schedule, it's really simple. Instead of having all 8 period in one day. We split it into two so we have more class time. So, A day, we do our first 4 classes, go home. Then the next day (B day), we go to our last 4 classes. Then start the whole cycle again!)



  1. Ugh...I'm so annoyed that summer is almost over! Next year, I'm going to have more classes and switching and such.

  2. Gosh, Summer went by in a blink-of-an-eye... Phew *low whistle* !

    Wow! So YOUR "A and B" days are like MY (use ta be) "Black and Gold" days! :O (Black and Gold = Town Football team colours.) Of course, homeschool doesn't do that kinda stuff.. Woah, the Peer Leadership Period sounds GREAT!! Congrats on getting the recommendations and getting IN to it, Petpet! :D things for the last days of Summer.... How about, for a more in-door project, and possibly outdoor, painting, singing (if you don't randomly sing everyday like me), photography (maybe ALSO go on a walk for that if ya can..?), instruments, poetry, jump rope & hula hooping? Oh! And also: Hula DANCING.....? That's one of my FAVE's! I started in 3rd grade for my teachers Hawaiian back-from-vacation party we had for her. Go Teachers! Woo! :]

    To spread the word from the end of this post: Don't end, Summer! *puppy eyes* :P




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